Piano app on new ipad mini commercial

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Message was edited by: View answer in context. As a preface, let's just go ahead and say that if you buy anything from a random stranger at a gas station, you're pretty much asking for it.

iPad Mini Commercial Song (Piano)

Strangers working the counter are okay, but if they pull up next to you and offer to sell you any kind of gadget, chances are they're not on the up and up. Turns out, the "iPad" she bought was just a mirror with an Apple sticker on it.

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Cutting energy costs by fiddling with streetlights is something that's seen debate in the United Kingdom. Turning them off entirely isn't exactly a great option, of course, but there's little that can be done with the infrastructure as it currently exists beyond flipping them off and on. Westminster City Council is looking to change all that. Over the next four years, they'll be switching their 14, streetlights to smart alternatives capable of being controlled by an iPad, saving the council hundreds of thousands a year.

‘Piano’ is iPad Mini’s first commercial

As we've previously reported , part of the ruling against Apple in the United Kingdom required the company to issue a statement on their website saying that the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and by extension Samsung, didn't infringe on the iPad's design. When they finally got around to posting the statement, however, it was tucked away in a linked page and included some extra bits that the U. Thanks to their attempts to circumvent the ruling, Apple's been ordered that they have to reissue their statement in order to comply with the original ruling.

It's finally time, folks.

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October 23rd means Apple 's "special event" is actually upon us. If current speculation is correct, the company is all set to announce a smaller version of their widely-adopted iPad. Whether it will actually be called the " iPad Mini " is up for debate, but it's almost certainly on the docket to be revealed.

Who knows? Maybe they'll actually unveil something surprising.

The show starts at 1 P. EST and 10 A. As everyone probably guessed, adding technology to the classrooms has its advantages and disadvantages. Sure, it allows for students and teachers to interact with subjects and lessons in entirely new ways, but technology can also prove just how inept we truly are when it comes to gadgets.