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BTW I am 64, so old dogs can learn new tricks. First I do recommend QuickPlan. Improvements necessary in future releases are: Features that would be nice to have in the future: It would be nice to drag tasks to other apps including Apple Reminders and the Notes app. Thanks the feedback. Would you please help to submit a ticket inner the app, so we can contact with you directly for the details? This is the only tool that I know of that can arrange bars in the gantt by dragging it. Other apps you have to type in a date and duration. Part of the use for such an app is to figure out the arrangements and relationship, which means the planning moves from uncertainty to concrete logistics.

This app understands the process of planning. Yes the curved dependency lines are ugly. But it clearly indicates dependent relations better than the straight lines. Have had first-person experience of project management on an industry standard level. This is what other apps are lacking.

I have tried many of them over the years. And am often surprised how lack of knowledge the developers are towards the field. They might make beautiful interfaces, but the usage is awkward. This app does not have the prettiest interface, but is pleasant enough. The usability is better than any PM tools made, including Microsoft Project which is very powerful, but not as intuitive.

Praises to the developer and hope more to come.

The Best Project Management and Planning Apps for iPhone and iPad

App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description Project management with natural gestures on Gantt chart, synchronizing and sharing projects across multiple devices and teams, and supports to integrate with Microsoft Project Plan. To be compatible with QuickPlan for macOS 3. What's New: Tiny Bug Fixes Please check out the release notes at https: Please check out the details at http: QuickPlan is being enhanced - to be more efficient - Keyboard shortcuts - Option to adjust text size on Gantt Chart QuickPlan, the one of the best productivity apps, is being enhanced continuously.

Please check out the release notes at http: Please visit http: We can't respond to App Store reviews so please email if something seems broken, also App Store reviews are very welcome. PDF Exporting enhancement - Option to render Outline and Gantt chart at same page - Option to include sub project and collapsed tasks - Outline task column selection - "Auto" page size Excel exporting enhancement - Outline task column selection UI customization options - By default to lock project - By default to display narrow row height - First or last day of the week to be shown on timeline Please visit http: Bug fix Please visit http: Please export your existing projects to Dropbox or Box cloud before migrating.

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The old projects will be hidden on some devices still on iPad after migrating, you can import the old projects from Dropbox and Box if exported the project to the cloud storages. OmniFocus 2 offers multiple methods for breaking down and organizing tasks. Although the price seems steep, it is worth it if you are looking for a new way to manage your to-do list. Clear is another great way to organize the many things you need to get done in your life. The interface is elegant and bright, grabbing your attention without cluttering your screen.

Make a list for everything in your life, and manage them with simple gestures. There is also iCloud syncing available so that you don't ever lose your lists. The app is universal, available on the iPhone, iPad, as well as the Apple Watch. Todo is one of the first task management apps to hit the App Store and is a mighty fine one, too. This isn't one of those simple check lists that you can get as a freebie. This app manages projects and sub tasks with great detail in the popular GTD style. Of course there are other added features such as geotagging, contact integration, email sharing, and more.

Wunderlist is one of the best free options for multi-platform task management. If you'd like to get the most out of Wunderlist, there are a few subscription services available.

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Sort your tasks by groups or lists, filter through tags that you assign to each task, or simply looking through the in-app calendar to see what needs to be done. The interface takes a minimal approach, but is still gorgeous.

Trello Alternatives - Project Management tools

Please note that if you're looking for a simple to-do list, this app may be too much for you. While it does sport a simple interface design, it is still a very complex and detailed task management app. Things for iPad has an attractive interface that manages to be both clean and robust at the same time. Things offers a similar amount of organization and customization options as OmniFocus, but the app is far more intuitive to use.

Toodledo could be classified as notable simply for its inclusion of an integrated, easy to read user guide. Aside from the instructions, Toodledo sets itself apart by being almost too customizable; the number of options can be overwhelming. It also includes many other features and can even be linked to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Todoist is a great task manager that you can access and sync from your iPhone, iPad, internet browser, or through email. Todoist has a beautiful interface and you can create simple shopping lists or an extravagant project checklist, whichever you are needing at any moment.

Swipes is a task manager that differs slightly than the other apps in this AppGuide. Swipes puts your tasks on a timeline, allowing you to snooze the tasks that aren't top priority at the moment. If you want all-in-one project management software, you can use Podio to manage other areas of the business too, including sales. As its name suggests, Smartsheet works like an Excel spreadsheet.

Best iPad task management apps

Role-based permissions also let you assign roles and tasks based on responsibility. GetApp reviewers say that Smartsheet is more feature-rich than lots of competitors. The visual layout lets you see exactly what needs to get done, and the app offers flexibility when it comes to setting and organizing your boards. Trello provides a free plan with unlimited boards, lists, cards, members, checklists, and attachments.

Both prices are on an annual basis. In a centralized hub, you can create and assign tasks, join in on task discussions, and attach photos and files that are stored on your device. Wrike is optimized for iPads as well. Wrike also offers pricing plans for additional features like work management and exec reporting.

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