Weight watchers app problems 2014

Weight Watchers has massive problems that even Oprah can't fix

Her personality can't hook subscribers, because ultimately, Weight Watchers has several problems that no celebrity can mask. Firstly, with so many free apps like MyFitnessPal and cheaper apps like iTrackBites, people have more affordable options — why pay when they can lose weight for free? MyFitnessPal is free. Secondly, the results are dubious, at best. In , Duke University executed a study comparing various retail-based weight loss regimes.

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Arguably, paying lots of money for a weight loss program would result in serious commitment, but the results did not come out in Weight Watchers' favor. That said, Weight Watchers had launched new programs, SmartPoints and Beyond The Scale in December, which aim to mitigate some of the problems earlier versions of the program had. These new initiatives focus on providing members with a "personalized approach" to dieting, including an app called FitBreak and a focus on nutrients, not just calories.

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  2. Why the Weight Watchers stumble is about tech, not just Oprah.
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  4. Why the Weight Watchers stumble is about tech, not just Oprah - Chicago Tribune!
  5. Dieting is out. That poses a problem for a company named Weight Watchers as it rebrands itself WW.
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  7. The company believes this program is resonating with consumers. Our transformation momentum is building, with positive recruitments this winter season setting a solid foundation for revenue growth and increased profitability. Is it, though?

    There may be some greater trends in the industry overall that Weight Watchers cannot fight. NPR reported in January that the diet business as a whole is suffering, for two major reasons — one, people were accepting their bodies as they are, and two, they are focusing on wellness, as opposed to dieting. In a statement to Blue Sky, Weight Watchers said its new technology laid the groundwork for allowing faster iterations of the program in the future and better connections among its members. Its new Connect feature has yielded 1 million posts by users sharing inspiration and hacks in two and a half months, the company said.

    Luke Eaton, a systems analyst based in Raleigh, N.


    He said he and his wife have hit a breaking point: Active subscribers fell 4. Morningstar analyst R.

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    And many users have commented that they've been pleased with subsequent updates to the app since November. In March, the company said, it added a recipe builder and the ability to track multiple foods simultaneously back into the app.