Sony xperia j data roaming

Press Settings. Press More Press Mobile networks.

Turn data roaming on or off. Press Data roaming to turn data roaming on or off. Press OK. When the field next to the menu item is ticked V , the function is turned on. Press the Home key to return to standby mode. Please let us know how we could improve our device guides Enter your comments here then click the 'Send' button. Reset my password.

Select help topic Basic use. Change settings. Read help info. Step 1 of 8 Find "Mobile networks" Press the menu icon. Step 2 of 8 Find "Mobile networks" Press Settings. Step 3 of 8 Find "Mobile networks" Press More Step 4 of 8 Find "Mobile networks" Press Mobile networks. Step 5 of 8 Turn data roaming on or off Press Data roaming to turn data roaming on or off.

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Step 6 of 8 Turn data roaming on or off Press OK. Emergency calls. Contacts Transferring contacts using a computer. Synchronising contacts with your device. Adding and editing contacts.

Sony Xperia J

Other methods for transferring contacts. Favourites and groups. Sending contact information. Searching and viewing contacts. Avoiding duplicate entries in the Contacts application. Backing up contacts. Messaging Using text and multimedia messaging.

Using data traffic when travelling – Sony Xperia XA support (English)

Text and multimedia message options. Email Getting started with Email. Using email. Music player About Music. Transferring music to your device. Using My music to organise your songs. Using the music player. Managing playlists. Music player widget. Protecting your hearing. FM radio About the FM radio. Using your favourite radio channels. Sound settings.

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Camera About the camera. Using the still camera. Face detection. Adding the geographical position to your photos. Using still camera settings. Using the video camera. Album About Album. Viewing photos and videos in the Pictures tab. Viewing photos and videos in the My albums tab. Viewing online albums. Viewing your photos on a map. Movies About Movies.

Transferring video content to your device. Using Movies. Video Unlimited About Video Unlimited. Renting or buying a video. Web browser About the web browser. Connectivity Connecting to wireless networks.

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Transferring and handling content using a USB cable. Managing files wirelessly using a computer. Computer tool. Smart Connect. Synchronising data on your device About synchronising data on your device. Synchronising your corporate email, calendar and contacts. Maps and locations About location services. Using GPS. Calendar and alarm clock Calendar. Alarm clock. Support and maintenance Updating your device. Backup and restore application. Resetting your device. Locking and protecting your device. Support application. Recycling your device. Reference Status and notification icons overview.

Settings overview. Application overview. Important information Important information leaflet.

Limitations to services and features. Legal information. To select a network type From your Home screen , tap.

Turn data roaming on or off - Sony Xperia J

Tap Network Mode. Select a network type. To select another network manually From the Home screen , tap. Select a network. To activate automatic network selection Drag the status bar downwards, then tap. Turning off data traffic You can disable all data connections over mobile networks to avoid any unwanted data downloads and synchronisations. To turn off all data traffic From your Home screen , tap.