What to do when you lost your iphone

Yoday I viseted the Istore at Clearwater Mall and the thechnician told me that the thief possibly hacked my phone and got my password. CAN this be? Can someone help me? I am sure the Istore could have helped me. I do not have a password when I want to use my phone but do have an apple ID. Please let me know if there is something I can do. I live in South Africa and the crime is rife.

I am not sure if the police will help me, as this is petty crime. Also, how true if my lost iPhone can be jailbreaked? Is there a way I will find out if they disk this? Hope my email will be notified if you will leave a message? My phone got stolen iPhone 6 Plus and was able to track it through find my iPhone but unable to go inside the factory located because it was night and we couldn't enter it and talk to their management. So the thief was able to get out the factory without us knowing. So it was like 2x went back to that location.

5 Easy Ways to Find a Lost IPhone

So I suggest to be more careful and plan thoroughly when retrieving ur phone so not to be fooled around there specially if those people near that place might be their allies. Anyway, the phone s now offline so the only one appeared in find my iPhone is the last trace and the time it was there.


7 things you should do if you lose your phone

So we tried looking in the last trace and check cctv unfortunately it was hard to analyze because the mall only shows the part that it was open.. Anyway we have a suspect in the cctv but can't be certain because the cctv is blurred. So unfortunately I wasn't able to retrieve my phone. I already locked my previous SIM card.. I wish to get some of my important contacts there.. Is it safe? And can I still track it? So I have same iCloud with my lost phone? I lost my iPhone 6 on 28 June I activated the Lost Iphone mode and posted a message with my phone number. The phone had been found across the borders, km away from home where I lost it!!!!

This person claimed that she has found my phone and had gotten my number from the message! I got my phone back a few days ago from the person and had verified that it really is my phone as it recognised my Apple ID. I still has not set up the phone as I am still hoping that there is a way to recover the photos and data..

Steps to Take When Your iPhone is Lost or Stolen

The phone was not backup before it was lost for a long period of time Can anyone here help me???? Hi, I have lost my phone and I don't know how to find it. I have I cloud also but I was out for the night and i'm not how to trace it since it doesn't have battery. I didnt even put a password there. Im scared if tyje stealer would go and look at my personal stuffs and call who and text who and give money. How can i find it. I look at the cctv. Hi Ismail, You probably won't be able to find the phone if you weren't using iCloud, you'll need the "Find my Phone" service activated as part of iCloud in order to do so.

It would also have meant that your phone would be locked to anyone trying to restore it, but seeing as you've said iCloud wasn't enabled on the phone then it will probably have been reset to factory by now. You must have used some sort of Apple ID for the phone to work at all, so I suggest you login at iCloud. In order to block the phone and make it useless to a thief you'll need to contact your carrier network and ask them to block the phone.

You may need the IMEI for this, or your phone company may already have a record or, if you still have the phone box or receipt it will be printed on it. When you get a new iPhone make sure you enable iCloud and Find my iPhone! Good luck, Tim. I have lost my iphone 5 while riding i have not logged in to icloud and i have not turned oned Find my phone nw how to track?? I tried to look at the "activation Lock status" and it says it's off.

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Although i have my passcode and apple ID signed in there, Is there any chance that they can use my phone and all my data are still there? Are you sure you didn't activate it? I'm pretty certain Find My Phone is enabled by default when you login to iCloud, so if you were using iCloud then there's a good chance you have enabled tracking too. Have you tried logging in at iCloud. If you find it I suggest you approach law enforcement with this information. Failing that, contact your carrier and get the IMEI blacklisted.

The phone will be added to stolen database, and many carriers will refuse service. Even if the perpetrators can get around Apple's protections, the phone will be virtually useless without being able to reliably access the cellular network. I have my name and number on the back of the phone and whoever found it could have called me. I went to the place and pasted messages for a reward if my phone is returned but no calls after two days. Now "Find my Phone" shows it offline. Meanwhile, the iphone6 I ordered to replace it just arrived. My questions are: If I activate my new phone for the same phone number but still leaving my old phone in "Lost Mode", will "Find my phone" continue keeping track of the old phone?

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Been keeping track of it using my ipad. Will activating my new phone make my old phone become usable to whoever has it? It has IO7. I would appreciate any comments. I would appreciate hearing from anyone. Sorry to hear that some scumbag walked off with your phone, that sucks. In terms of your questions:. For as long as your old phone remains locked to your iCloud account according to Apple that's a permanent fixture until you remove it, which requires your password then it will continue to be tracked.

That is how it's supposed to work. You name it. It's one of those pieces of tech that worms its way into our lives and we don't realise how important it is until it disappears - like having an internet connection suddenly drop out or a power cut and realising you can't be productive or entertained. If you lose your iPhone, or even worse it's snatched from under your nose by some prize douchebag, there's really only one set of emotions; anger and distress.

This is even worse if you haven't insured it and let's face it, there are legitimate reasons why you may not want to. As iPhones became more popular and desirable, related crime rates —— i. The logic behind this spike in theft, initially, was easy to see: And back in through there was no way for consumers to track or securely wipe their handsets in the event somebody stole it. And after cafes, the most common places people abandon their handsets are bars and offices. Criminals had a good run of it, but pretty soon tech companies began to fight back with the introduction of remote tools that not only showed the location of the phone but also, if required, erased everything on the phone and, in the event it was not going to be returned, brick destroy the device completely.

This article is designed to show you exactly what to do in the event your iPhone is lost or stolen. Find My iPhone is the anti-theft software made by Apple.

If Find My iPhone isn't enabled on your missing device

With it, if your device is ever lost or stolen you can see its location on a map, lock the device remotely, and even choose to wipe it remotely. If your iPhone is stolen the first thing to do is find a computer right away and log into iCloud. It just needs a modern web browser. The iPhone info window will pop up. Your employer may have given you guidelines about what to do in case of theft when they issued the phone to you.

It's a good idea to brush up on them. Whether this should be the seventh step in the process or should be earlier, depends on your circumstances. Some phone companies may be more inclined to take action when you've got a police report, while others may act right away without one. Calling your cell phone company to report the theft and having the account tied to the phone suspended or canceled helps ensure that you don't pay for charges incurred by the thief.

Before you cancel your phone service, try tracking it using Find My iPhone. Once service is turned off, you won't be able to track it anymore. If you don't have a passcode and aren't able to set one using Find My iPhone the thief could have blocked the phone from connecting to networks , all of your data is exposed. Don't let the thief gain access to accounts whose passwords are saved on your iPhone. Changing your email account passwords will prevent the thief from reading or sending mail from your phone.

Beyond that, changing online banking, Apple ID, and other important account passwords will help prevent identity theft or financial theft. Having a police report is a big help here. If you can recover the phone with the help of the police that's ideal, but reporting the situation to the insurance company will get the ball rolling in the meantime and help you get money to replace your phone if you can't recover it.

In that case, you should notify the people in your address book and email accounts of the theft. They probably won't be getting calls or emails from the thief, but in case the thief has a bad sense of humor or more seriously bad intentions, you'll want people to know that it's not you sending troublemaking emails. Whether you get your iPhone back or have to replace it with a new one , you may want to change your habits and behaviors to prevent future thefts there's no guarantee against all thefts or losses, of course, but these may help.

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