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If you are unable to connect to the internet, the data file for a language can be stored on your phone. The more languages you want the app to be able to translate offline, the more data files you can download. Like many Google products, it is completely free. Instead of payment, Google collects user data, partly in order to improve its service.

Google Translate for Android is regularly updated.

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Sakhr's Blackberry app puts spoken word Arabic/English translator in your pocket

The vast majority of these updates are tiny improvements in each language database. As time goes on, the app becomes increasingly accurate and these updates are passed onto the user. The way Google Translate works is based on comparing your translation request with the millions of similar ones that have happened before.

While there is no problem for most users, it is recommended that confidential information is not translated on this app, unless you are happy to have Google retain the information in its translation database. Aside from that, there are no security risks using the app. Looking for Windows version? Free Download In English Version: Sign in to download the.

Google Translate help and info What is Google Translate? The app requires access to your camera, contacts, microphone messaging and storage. Read more stories. And some of these mobile applications are getting pretty freakin' amazing - take Ray Kurzweil's kReader for Symbian , which allows blind or illiterate folk to point their phone camera at printed words and have them spoken aloud.

Sakhr has gone a step further with an Arabic Spoken Translator for Blackberry devices. You speak English or Arabic into your handset, it transcribes, translates and speaks your phrase back in the other language, breaking down the language barrier in one fell swoop. We used to think of convergence simply as the coming together of the many little devices we used to carry in our pockets - phones, cameras, music players, PDAs and the like.

Is it bonjour or hola? These apps will help you translate languages wherever you are

But now that all those basic functions have been combined into a single handset, they're beginning to develop some new and very specialized abilities through installable software apps. Translation software is hardly new - in fact, it's been around for long enough to improve to a reasonable level of accuracy.

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Likewise, speech to text and text to speech engines are also approaching the point where you don't want to throw them at the wall in frustration. The genius in Sakhr's Arabic Spoken Translator is that it combines these abilities into one easy-to-use piece of software that sits on your phone, in your pocket, wherever you happen to be. Simply speak into the phone in English, and the machine prints the text in English so you can confirm it heard you right, then translates it to Arabic script and says it out loud. It also works in reverse.

How does the live feature work?

Extremely easy to use, it's expected to be a very handy bit of software for soldiers and security personnel to carry about in Middle-Eastern war zones. Extrapolate this idea out to a muti-lingual spoken translation engine, and you've got yourself an application that any global traveller would find extremely useful in a whole range of situations. And, as it improves in speed and accuracy, there's no reason why you couldn't build an application that puts a short-delay translation on both parties' voices in a real-time phone conversation. Mobile phones that break down the language barrier Ain't this an amazing time to be alive?

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Sakhr Mobile S2S Arabic Translator for Government & Enterprise (for BlackBerry)

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