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This would have to be a must have for anybody with a caravan, or anybody who installs antennas. Informs you of direction, distance and whether it is vertical or horizontal polarisation. Cheaper than a take away cup of coffee, worth every cent. Well done! I have used it in about 9 western NSW towns to point the caravan aerial and it has worked perfectly every time. Thanks for thinking of us all, Tate. Great idea. I tested it out and it works perfectly in the bush in the wilds of Tassie as well as near the cities. We are doing thousands of measurements before analogue gets turned off and this takes the guess work out.

So if you see a white van with ACMA on the side and a 10 pole out the roof, that's us. What a terrific use of our data!! All the data is on our website but this makes it so EASY to use. Love it!

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This app is just the best for pointing your antenna to the nearest transmitter. Horizontal and Vertical polarisation is very handy. Great tool for Antenna Installers. Saves all the guess work. Worth every cent. We would love to hear your feedback, good or constructive. Send an e-mail to support antennamate. Follow us on Twitter to get notified when transmitter data is updated. Original concept by Adrian Frost. No Internet Required Antenna Mate is small, fast and works offline.

City and Country Areas Use it from anywhere.

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Professionals and Caravaners On the roof or in your caravan. Upside Down or the Right Way Up Antenna Mate detects when your device is upside down and correctly adjusts the bearing to continue accurately pointing in the right direction. Know the Correct Polarisation Antenna Mate shows you the polarisation to use. Nearby Sites by Strength or Distance Prefer to align your antenna to another nearby site? Easy on the Eyes Automatic display switching optimises your display for day and night.

Reviews Has to be the best app in the store. Horrorking, Whirlpool Forum Thanks for thinking of us all, Tate. Damian, App Store Review. Time taken to find best broadcasting site and directional accuracy will vary based on device and external environmental factors.

Pretty frustrated. Hi, Please send me a follow up email to support antennamate.

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Antenna Mate works great on both iPhone and iPad. It's the same app on both. Antenna Mate can also tell you where the strongest transmitters are.

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  • Align Any TV Antenna.
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When you first open the app it automatically locks on to the strongest one. Cheers, Tate.

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I have used this for a month as I travel. I have reset to factory default after using the app to find signal. But No. Does it matter which way the aerial is lined up? Or do the Wineguard aerials work equally well in the degrees the app indicated. Been using this application for years, never a single problem. Thanks very much to the developer. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Take the guess work out of aligning any TV antenna. In direct sunlight the display will become light making the arrow easy to see.

One less tap. Existing versions of Antenna Mate will continue to work as-is. Upgrade to iOS 10 to take advantage of these new features, and get new transmitter data. Don't forget Antenna Mate now works in New Zealand. Tell your Kiwi mates, or try it the next time you visit beautiful New Zealand. Adjust your preferred text size in Settings. Your existing devices still work great. Now you can look up and hold the device above your head.

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Was previously km. Like this update? Please rate it on the App Store.

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Your reviews go a long way to helping keep Antenna Mate sustainable. The search radius can be increased up to km. Useful if you're using an amplifier or high-gain antenna. The new "Align with top" feature makes it easy to align your device with the direction of the broadcasting site. When the needle is aligned with the top of the device it will glow and the device will vibrate. Try it out! Perth, Western Australia and Perth, Scotland.