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I can't connect to any LTE service here in Europe. It's not just an indicator thing I installed a network type indicator from the PlayStore to be sure of it , if I set the Network type LTE the phone goes completely offline confirming this issue. I really don't know how to solve this. Thanks in advance for your patience.

I have a galaxy s7 unlocked and I'm using cricket. Went to my local cricket store and they said it's my phone that has the issue. Any clue what could be wrong? Thank you. Hey Nikki. Sorry but I'm not sure. I would like to suggest to reach out to our tech support team by e-mailing mobile bhphoto.


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And if possible, any screenshots illustrating the issues. For your inquiry, please send an e-mail to mobile bhphoto. All this info is making my head spin, but I have had huge frustration trying to figure this out for days, and so has tech support so I'm on my last ditch efforts here to find an answer.

I really like my phone and just got it paid off with Sprint because my new carrier has not had problems with unlocked Sprint phones. Their phone choices are very limited Hi Jewel! For your inquiry, please try reaching out to our experts by e-mailing mobile bhphoto. I bought Samsung Note 8 in Nepal recently. It worked perfectly with local carrier in Nepal.

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I called verizon and the agent checked IMEI no and told me the phone is not compatible with verizon. Interestingly, when I put my US verizon sim card, the data works, I can use internet but voice is not working. Appreciate any help. I am buying and iphone 6s from someon eI know that said that the phone was from Sprint. I want to use this phone with Metro Pcs, will I be able to?

I got question: Will work phone In my state Slovenia? Anyone can explain this? This is very interesting.

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Thank you for posting. How does all this work with the Google Project Fi? I had a Steaight Talk plan with the old phone so when I activated the new phone with my old number through Straight Talk the phone works for calls and some text but I cant get data to work. Unfortunately I am not sure what the issue may be. Please help!!! I've included a link below to a few Samsung phones we carry that will be fully compatible with Cricket and with also the best cameras.

Samsung is recommending an intenational version Note 5??? Any suggestions, based on experience, would be greatly appreciated. I have been finding the specs of available iPhone 6s's confusing. Is there actually a technical reason for this? I currently have a Samsung S6. My Verizon galaxy s7 I use with a rogers simple card. It works mostly but due to the network differences caller ID and msg downloading will not work.

I've set all the apn settings, talked with rogers and Verizon but no one can tell me how to fix this problem. Any suggestions? I am sorry but I am not too sure myself. It's possible that your S7 may just not be fully compatible with Rogers which is why you're experiencing these issues.

Am I allowed to switch carriers at any point if I'm not happy with them? Do I take my phone to the carrier and pay for a SIM card and go from there?

Do I need to sign up for a plan? I don't understand any of this. I'm a novice. I'd like unlimited texts and calls. Thank you, Nikki. With the GU model, you can have it work with just about any carrier. Usually a year or two. I've been using an unlocked HTC T-mobile G2 for the past couple of years, primarily to use its camera. I have been unable to figure out how to download apps.

Each time I try, I reach a screen indicating that my Google Chrome browser is no longer supported and then instructing me to use the Google Play Store app to access Google Play. However, I'm unable to download the Google Play Store app. My phone is using Android version 2. Is there any way for me to successfully update the operating system or to download apps? Thank you for any help you're able to provide.

This was a really helpful article. I travel out of the country about once a year and would like to not have the T-mobile preloads. B38 , B39 , B40 , B41 That's correct! You will need to double-check with T-Mobile prior to purchasing an un-locked phone. But it is best to only purchase a phone that offers the current operating frequencies specified by your carrier. I have what seems to be a very pecular problem. Everything was working fine and I was able to switch the sim card from one phone to the other and it would still work fine.

No sim card was ever associated with any of the phones IMEI numbers. Now suddenly as of this past Monday, I was no longer able to make or recieve calls on my T-Mobile phone. I have been told that the phones I got off ebay have only been partially unlocked and that I am still needing to do a complete unlock to get the phones to work on the T-Mobile network again.

I currently have the requests put in for unlocking these phones and will not know the results for another two days. Just wondering if you have ever heard of a phone being only partially unlocked, or am I being given the run around for an issue created by T-Mobile, and my only solotion would be to upgrade my phones to T-Mobile phones to continue my service with T-Mobile. The issue you have described is not unusual. When cellular carriers change or update their systems sometimes 3rd party un-locked devices stop operating correctly.

Dave, I have the same issue.

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I was told that I have to purchase a T-Mobile phone to have service in my area. It took a month to get an answer from T-Mobile as to why my phone was not working anymore. I have a few questions:. Type your phone's name followed by "unlocked" into a search engine. Doing so will give you an idea of what most people have experienced in this area. You can also use your phone's model number e.

I purchased an unlocked Samsung galaxy S6 phone and took it to Africa. This would really depend on the version of your Galaxy S6. If it doesn't have the radio to support that particular network's LTE band, there is nothing to be done unfortunately. I have a Lenovo phab I'm trying to get to work on metro pcs. It worked once then stopped after I tried to use the dual SIM. Now it doesn't work. I've tried the APN fix but then I don't get internet and can't use the 1st sim slot.

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I've have been using it for 2 yrs, no problem. I downloaded the Swiftkey keyboard and my emojiis are black not colored. Swiftkey tells me it probably needs to be updated. I checked my phone and it says my updates are up to date. What are your thoughts on the subject.

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If not and if your phone is up to date, I am not sure what else you can try for Swiftkey to work. Skip to main content. Unlocked Phones and Your Carrier: A guide to cell network protocols and generations Cell phone network technology is always improving and getting faster. Phone frequencies and frequency bands So, on top of all the cell-phone protocols, there are also cell phone frequency bands. For quick reference here are the frequencies used by US carriers: Choose the right phone variant for your carrier Now that you know what frequencies your cell carrier uses, you just need to make sure to get a variant of the phone you want that supports those frequencies.

The frequencies a phone supports can be found in the specifications tab under cellular network, and will look like this: Related Articles. This means that there is software in place that prevents it from being used on another phone company's network. This is done because, in most cases, phone companies subsidize the price of the phone in exchange for a two-year contract.

They make this money back over the life of your contract. Locking the iPhone to their network ensures that you meet the terms of the contract and that they make a profit. However, when your obligations to the phone company are up, you're free to do whatever you like with the phone. Many people do nothing and become month-to-month customers, but if you'd prefer to switch to another company—because you prefer them, they offer a better deal , they have better coverage in your area, etc. But before you do, you have to change the software on your phone that locks it to your old carrier.

Unfortunately, users can't unlock their phones themselves. Instead, you have to request the unlock from your phone company. Generally, the process is fairly easy—ranging from filling out an online form to calling customer support—but each company handles unlocking differently. While each company may have slightly different requirements that you must meet before unlocking your phone, there are some basic things that they all require:. Assuming you meet all of those requirements, here's what you'll need to do to unlock your iPhone on each of the major U.

To find the IMEI:. Once you've requested the unlock, you'll need to wait days in most cases or 14 days if you upgraded your phone early. You'll receive a confirmation that allows you to check on the status of your request and will be notified when the unlock is complete.

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  8. Unlocking is pretty easy with Sprint. If you have an iPhone 5C , 5S, 6, 6 Plus, or newer, Sprint automatically unlocks the device after your initial two-year contract has been completed. If you have an earlier model, contact Sprint and request the unlock. Read Sprint's full policies and requirements.