Samsung galaxy s3 backup assistant restore

You've successfully set up Backup Assistant. Any contacts on your device will be saved to the secure Backup Assistant server, and your address book will now be protected.


The app will back up changes to your address book daily. When you switch to a different device, simply activate Backup Assistant on your new device to automatically restore all your contacts.

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From the main menu, find and select Media Center. Select Backup Assistant. Depending on your device, the app might be preloaded, or you may need to download it first. If you see the Backup Assistant screen below, then the app is preloaded on your device. Otherwise, you need to download Backup Assistant first.

Set Up Backup Assistant

Press the OK or Center Select key to start the download. When the download completes, select Yes to run the app. If the number is 0, your address book is completely backed up.

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On the main screen of Backup Assistant on your device, there is a green number under "Backed up. You can restore deleted contacts from a computer in the Verizon Cloud website. Verizon Cloud to learn how to restore deleted contacts.

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You can access your contact data from a computer by signing in to Verizon Cloud. Yes, as long as both devices are compatible with Backup Assistant. To determine if your current or new device is compatible, refer to the How to Use Guide: Backup Assistant makes it easy to transfer your address book from your current device to a new device. Follow these simple steps: To transfer your contacts from your current device: To restore your contacts to your new or replacement device: For detailed instructions on restoring your contacts to your new device with Backup Assistant, refer to the " Restore Contacts " section of the How to Use Guide: When transferring your data from one device type to another, it is important to know that some data may not be transferred to the new device if the new device does not support the same data fields as the first device.

It is important to sign into your Backup Assistant web account to view your data and compare it with the data on your new device.

Transfer Contacts & Other Content Between Devices

Backup Assistant will restore your address book as long as you had already installed Backup Assistant to your previous device and your wireless number has not changed. Without a previously backed up address book in your personal vault, there is nothing to restore to your replacement device.

If you have used Backup Assistant to back up your address book in the past, you will be able to restore your address book to your new device. How do I get Backup Assistant? How much does Backup Assistant cost? Which handsets offer Backup Assistant?

Initial Setup - Backup Assistant | Verizon Wireless

What if Backup Assistant doesn't support my device? Can I use Backup Assistant with more than one device? Your Backup Assistant account can be associated with only one device at a time. How can I find instructions on transferring contacts for a specific device? How do I backup my address book with Backup Assistant? During setup, why does Backup Assistant show a different number than the phone number I use for my mobile device? How do I change the schedule of my automatic backups in Backup Assistant? How do I start a backup with Backup Assistant? To start a backup of your device's address book from your device: Open Backup Assistant on your device.

From the main screen, press " Backup Now. How do I restore my address book to my new device using Backup Assistant? What does "Pending" mean within Backup Assistant?

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