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No settings. No cluttered interface - Typewriter Focus mode. Quickly move around the cursor and select text - Find and replace: Quickly search within a document, and it gives you the option to replace those terms with another - Instant text statistics and counters: Only you will be allowed to open documents in your iPad - Create backup snapshots of your documents anytime.

I even uninstalled in order to reinstall it but I couldn't find it on Apple Store any longer. How can I recover it because the app is not free and I am using it for computation and keeping business records? Could you please advise me on the necessary action to rectify the bug. Thank you. Ogunleye Joseph. Quick office pro HD has stopped working and doesn't appear in the app store. This will open Dropbox and ask you what folder to save the document in.

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Conversely, if you want to open a document from Dropbox in Quickoffice, open the document and Dropbox app and then click the "open in" button and select Quickoffice. This will open the document in Quickoffice inside the inbox folder.


Important changes for existing Quickoffice Pro and Pro HD users - Quickoffice Help

This is not as clean as the previous Quickoffice Pro HD app. But it will allow you to save your documents to something, in the cloud, other than Google Drive. I can't vouch for the rest of the features, as to whether Google removed them. I certainly preferred the previous app.

Edit e-mail attachments in Quickoffice Pro HD for iPad

Dec 13, Marilyn and Steve, thank you. Ladana Expand Collapse. May 8, Messages: I have several documents stored in this program but I finde no way to open them in the new version of quickoffic or in dropbox or somewhere else. The only thing I could do is to send the files one by one per E-Mail to myselfe and then open them in another program. First, this ist very uncomfortable and second I loos every kind of formation in the documents while doing this. So is there someone who could show me a trick to get rid of this problem?

Important changes for existing Quickoffice Pro and Pro HD users

I would be very, very grateful!! But if you want to jot down a first draft, take notes or create a simple spreadsheet, QuickOffice is perfect. Explore more about: Digital Document , Text Editor. Your email address will not be published. Je ne sais comment faire? Merci de m'aider.

Like anonymous after updating ios7 my print mode doesn't work, it kicks me off, same thing when I go to currency I get kicked off. Quick pro. Any help would be appreciated. Apple does offer an "office" suite for iOS: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, with ability to read and write in corresponding Word, Excel, and Powerpoint format, and compatibility at least as good as what you review above. Trying to download quick office pro hd for iPad and it keeps telling me it requires an external application. What is that? Or it tells me that the product is not available in the U S?

I know I can find it on my phone but I can't download the iPad version to my phone I'm afraid I don't know how to help you with that. I can't find anything about an "external application" error online, and never saw it myself. Maybe try asking other readers in MakeUseOf Answers makeuseof. I've owned Quickoffice for awhile and it's pretty good for the most part but there are some frustrating aspects to it. First of all, in a spreadsheet you cannot do multiple lines in a single cell. The only work around is to enable Text Wrap and press space until it goes to the next line.

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I'm a teacher and make lesson plans through Excel. I heard somewhere that the iPhone version can do multi line cells but not the iPad version.

The app has not been updated in a very long time despite the fact that many people on their feedback pages have been requesting certain essential features. I think that Officesuite is better, the compatibility with windows sometimes lack responsivness in Quickoffice unlike in office suite. Top Deals. QuickOffice Pro HD: Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy.