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NBA Elite 11 by EA Sports

But at the same time, we believed it was an important enough goal for the gamer, who'd been playing basketball games in a very similar way for a very long time. Not many companies would have pulled the plug. After signing Kevin Durant as its cover athlete, investing considerable money and resources into building a brand new NBA title, and already investing in marketing buys, it couldn't have been cheap to axe NBA Elite.

And then there's the impact on the partnership with the NBA.

NBA Elite 11 for Xbox Reviews - Metacritic

Having no simulation game released this year while 2K11 looks like the second coming of sports games could be ammunition for 2K to push to be sole owner of the NBA license. Then again, putting out a completely inferior product against something as solid as NBA 2K11 could have done greater damage. And regardless of the fallout with the NBA, releasing a re-titled game promised as a true world-shaker only to have it fail to meet expectations would damage consumer trust in EA's ability to deliver a good hoops title.

As Wilson said, "At the very core, we have to build a great game first and foremost. But despite some Internet murmurings, Wilson insists this isn't a slight against the original developer.

I'm very proud of their willingness to jump in and take a risk and try and reinvent the business. It's unclear if bigger changes are in store for NBA Elite 12 or if it's merely a matter of having a more seasoned development team polishing off a game with potential. As with most decisions in the games industry, the true impact of the cancellation of NBA Elite 11 won't be known for a few years.

Whether or not, from a business standpoint, it was the right decision can't be measured yet. Allowing 2K's series a greater marketshare might make it tougher to find success in a year.

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Or bringing in something shiny and new could spark renewed interest in much the way EA's Skate stole the spotlight from Activision's Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. The game offers three difficulty settings Rookie, Veteran, and All-Star , as well as the ability to choose from three game modes Exhibition, Full Season, or Playoffs.

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Winning championships allows you to unlock an NBA legend, who you can then draft in your next season. It may even have you fist-pumping in the middle of your bus ride.

Doing the Right Thing: Canceling NBA Elite 11

On the audio front, the game thrives thanks to a noteworthy soundtrack and in-game acoustics. Of course, NBA Elite 11 is not all happy alley-oops, brisk cross-overs, and double rainbows — there are some drawbacks. EA, for some reason, seems loathe to the idea of including a multiplayer mode or online connectivity in their sports games, which would significantly improve the addictiveness-factor. Also, be warned, there is the potential for graphical glitches, as arms sometimes move in different directions then passes, and the frame-rate can be slow on an iPhone 3G.

Shaq could also look a little bigger as many of the player models are similar.

On the whole, NBA Elite is a surprisingly enjoyable experience; the graphics are solid, and the players seem to pop off the screen.