Mokriya craigslist app for iphone

Mokriya Craigslist for iPhone and Android

As you scroll up, they appear again. So we automatically conserve real estate for browsing to give you the best experience and reduced clutter. Once you open an individual listing, the user interface almost entirely disappears, and all of the screen real estate is devoted to the item itself. Surrounding all this simplicity are a multitude of tiny design touches that do little to enhance the basic Craigslist data, but make the process of finding it more enjoyable. The app also makes extensive—but discreet—use of animation. When you switch subcategories, a highlight marker slides up and down the column.

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But we wanted to make it playful. When people use it, they should feel happy.

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Then we wireframe every single iteration, and spend a lot of time on each individual interaction within the app. Just as important: The bottom line: Wade Roush is the producer and host of the podcast Soonish and a contributing editor at Xconomy.

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What Makes an App Awesome? A Case Study with Mokriya Craigslist. Wade Roush March 8th, From Sketch to App Store When design studio Mokriya set out to build the first decent Craigslist app for the iPhone, they started with basic drawings. The Power of the Peace Sign Mokriya's early sketches for the top-level category menu emphasized a circular design, patterned after the peace symbol that is Craigslist's emblem. Early Renderings The idea, as these graphics show, was that clicking on one of the categories would cause the circle to morph into a line, and reveal a set of sub-categories.

Polishing up the Design These more advanced renderings show what the early wireframes might have looked like had they advanced all the way to the production version of the app. Back to the Drawing Board These sketches show early concepts for the list view within a sub-category, emphasizing large photos for each listing.

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Refining the Idea In a sketch foreshadowing the final design of the app, Mokriya's designers retained the peace sign on the top-level page, and compressed the category and location menus into a central drop-down menu. Closer and Closer As Mokriya's work advanced, the renderings became more and more detailed. The Winning Design This screenshot from the finished app shows how Mokriya reduced the category list to a narrow bar, leaving more room to feature the sub-categories. Apartment Hunting: List View This screen shot from the finished app shows how Mokriya reinterpreted Craigslist's old-fashioned list of blue links for the iOS environment.

Map View If users want to search by location, they can bring up the wheel menu and click over to this map view, which displays each listing in the form of a georeferenced pin. Home Sweet Home Individual listings appear on a page that's been stripped of virtually all interface elements except the phone, e-mail, and "favorite" icons, plus an X button to close the item and go back to the list view.

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As you can see above, the Mokriya Craigslist app is simple, but gorgeous, offering a lot of smart functionality, and a great way to browse through the listings. When you first open the app, it'll ask you for just a location and category, and from there takes you right to a listings-browsing view, where you can see big color pictures lined up with all of the other ads on the site. By pulling a little symbol wheel at the bottom, you can browse in a few different ways, including large or small pictures and a map view, and tapping on any of the entries takes you to a full-screen version, where you can call directly or send an email to the original poster.

It's not complicated, but it is very handy. My only complaint is that the app seems to run a little slow -- obviously it depends on your bandwidth, but even selecting the entries opens them up in a smooth zoom that seems like it should be a bit faster. If you do a lot of Craigslist browsing especially in a big city, going through the "free" section is always fun , the Mokriya app seems like a great way to do it.

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