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It is a free Bible app that will help you to be closer to God.

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It offers not just to read Bible but a lot of other useful features. You can share the info with your friend and family fast and easy.

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All the information contained in the app can be read in offline mode. The app also has a kind of an entertainment: Bible quiz. Here, you can check your knowledge of Bible and religion. The question can be from any section of the Bible and offer 4 answers to choose from. My Sword Bible is an application for the Android OS that allows you to download and read various translations of the Bible, dictionaries, and comments on your device.

God's Word is with you.

Very convenient reading of the Scriptures with viewing cross-references and viewing comments on the selected verse. An excellent search engine that allows you to search for a place of Scripture for any word, word with regard to the case, logical search, and the exact phrase. You can also set the search range for the selected books. View various translations of the Bible for comparison.

There is a magazine for personal notes and preparation for sermons with inscriptions from Scripture. The ability to download various translations, dictionaries, comments. Highlight text with different color markers.


11 Offline Bible apps for Android | Android apps for me. Download best Android apps and more

Configure the color profile of the interface and the font size. The most famous product of Olive Tree is the Bible application which is now available for Android users. It is a tool designed to read and search e-books. The application contains the following functions: The user can customize colors, font sizes and use many other options for his convenience. In addition, the Olive Tree catalog presents biblical comments, dictionaries, concordances, audio Bibles and other multimedia. Here you can find dozens of English translations of the Bible, various Bible translations into German, French, Spanish and many other world languages.

10 best Bible apps and Bible study apps for Android

There are also scientific editions of biblical texts in the original languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, Ancient Greek. There are also Qumran non-biblical texts in the catalog. Olive Tree Bible Software has more than adapted editions of books by Christian authors classics of past centuries and our contemporaries. This is the most popular Bible app which is used to educate children. Like the Bible itself, the application is divided into parts. To start working with each one, you need to load its cache onto the device.

Download King James App On Google Play - KJV Bible Offline Free

It does not take up much space and is completely free. You select a section. Under its name, the head of the Bible is indicated, according to which it is compiled. A pleasant voiceover tells what is happening. If you only want to listen and play with the elements of the illustration, click on the button with the picture of the book. The arrows help to move between them. So you browse and listen to the whole chapter to the end and go to the next download. The interactivity of the app worth to be noted too. Pressing on any decorative element provokes a certain action.

Take this offline Bible with you everywhere you go

It is made fun and very colorful. The style is everywhere, the soundtrack and animation are perfectly matched. But the developers also remembered to add a game element to the Bible App for Kids. You need to look for locations of the crystals to earn starlets. There is no a practical advantage, but the knowledge of the Bible becomes even more interesting.

New International Version (NIV)

And Bible allows its users to enjoy the Old Testament, the New Testament, and all the contents of the Holy Scripture, taking advantage of the convenience of your Android device. Here are some of the most interesting features of the application: When you read in the application, you can choose from several font styles. If you have an Internet connection, you can even choose the function to listen to the text. And you can download the Bible in almost any language. And Bible is an excellent application for religious people since you accept it as a very convenient way to take the Holy Bible with you wherever you go.

JW Bible 2 is a wonderful application that opens access to the Bible in various languages. If you are looking for a tool to comprehend this knowledge in almost any language, then this is the application for you. Bible English, KJV, Offline is a nice app which enables you to read the bible on the go on your Smartphone without having the need to connect to the internet!

Have you been looking for a nice bible reader that you can download on your Smartphone? If yes, then this app is perfect for you. It has a smart user interface which is quite intuitive and robust. This gives the users the chance to interact with the app in a simple manner. Anyone with even the slightest experience of using a mobile app will be able to make use of this Bible app. The name of the Book is displayed on the top portion of the screen. The chapters contained in the book are listed below the name of the Book.

This Bible app uses the black font and white background combination for the text which is extremely beneficial for reading. It provides a nice contrast which makes reading a joyful experience. You can move over to the next page of the Bible by pressing the arrow keys that are located at the bottom of the screen.

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  4. The right arrow key located at the right-hand-side corner of the screen is for moving to the next page while the left arrow key located at the left-hand-side corner of the screen is for moving to the previous page. Bible English, KJV, Offline also offers you the option of choosing a particular book or chapter of the Bible that you want to read.

    Opinions about Bible Offline

    In order to use this option, you will have to tap on the compass icon that is present right next to the right arrow key on the bottom portion of the home screen of this Bible app. You will be given two options on the screen that appears next. You will first have to choose the book you want to read and then the chapter.

    Having selected both, you will have to tap on the 'Open' option. Doing this will take you to the book and chapter you had chosen. It will take only a few seconds for the app to find the exact book and chapter that you have asked for. You can use it for reading the Bible even if you are not connected to the internet.

    Thus, you can read the Bible no matter where in the world you are on your Smartphone.