Switch between apps windows 8.1 popup

Please, can someone tell us how to get rid of this pop up. I have the same problem, too. The only way I have found to get rid of it is to restart the computer, but then it pops up again in a few minutes. This is extremely annoying and blocks everything on the left side of the screen. Help us! Michael D Miller Replied on October 31, In reply to Geethu B's post on October 22, I have the same problem too.


Windows forces the user to interact in a way that doesn’t work – mezojixu.tk

It doesn't have an "X" to close it with. It also doesn't show up I Task Manager, at least not as I can tell. It has only happened since installing Windows 8. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Steps to Disable App Switch List

Tammy King Replied on November 1, Go into device manager under human interface devices and disable HID touch screen. RichardMarsden Replied on November 9, In reply to Tammy King's post on November 1, I have the exact same problem. I have tried the fix given but it hasn't cured the problem. There must be a way of turning it off. Anyone got any ideas? LorrieGriffith Replied on December 23, Click the Kudos Thumbs-Up to show you appreciate the help.

Thanks for the information. I had to restart anyway for an HP update and the problem went away. I don't expect that it will stay away, though, so I bookmarked the post you referenced as it seems to be one way to prevent it from happening again if I don't want any help tips at all. Since I"m new to Windows 8 and would have preferred to wait for the next Windows version , I'll leave it be for now. I might actually get a useful help tip, who knows?

Tips for Closing and Switching between Apps in Microsoft Surface

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Note on archived topics. This topic has been archived. Windows 8 was a money grab because 7 was basically the best OS since XP. I see it like this:.

I assume since they have announced that windows 9 will be coming later this year or next you can assume with the track record I cant determine what will happen. How does the Surface and Surface 2 work then? They come with a Watcom touch screen and drivers. Maybe those drivers install. I now use it at work on my Win7 machine. Only the mouse and keyboard. I think this is a combination of wacom not updating their drivers to be used properly with Win8 yet. I think Wacom need to update ALL their drivers to allow us to do swipe gestures.

Cant remove "Switch between apps" popup

It would make it alot easier to use windows8, and newer programs that utlise this method as this is common method used when thinking of touch interface. The pen should mimic the finger, but also have the provisional input required for CAD, and art programs. Alas for old screens like the one I use, I am guessing Wacom will not support us and tell us to buy the Intuos 24hd instead..

Maybe I should contact Wacom about this issue as well. These pens are very good as you mentioned. Hope that soon Wacom or MS fix it. Thanks for sharing your workaround with this UX bug. The first two days that this post was published, it received around views most of which from USA. You are commenting using your WordPress.


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It looks something like this and connects to the computer through a USB port: Wacom Intuos 3. Share this: Like this: