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The Galaxy phones can also be "unlocked with a look" thanks to their iris scanners, while the V30 can recognize its owner's voice. This year's iPhones are powered by Apple's latest chip, the A11 Bionic. The rest of the list are all running on Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor. The iPhones are relatively modest in the RAM department, but keeping tight control over the operating system means Apple can wring better performance out of lower specs. You can expect a decent 64 GB of storage space no matter which phone you pick up, and with most you can double that for a price.

Samsung vs. Apple vs. Google … the year’s best phones compared

In terms of battery capacity, the phones on this list all hover around the 3, mAh mark. Still, in practical terms, you'll likely get a whole day's use on a full charge from all of these devices — at least at first.

Last year Apple infamously nixed the industry-standard 3. The ability to quickly top up your phone's battery is common to all the phones on this list, but while it's standard out-of-the-box on the Android devices, you'll need to buy a separate accessory to do so on the iPhones. Wireless charging is becoming more widespread, but you'll have to buy a charging pad separately.

Comparison of mobile operating systems

Until a phone can be charged from a distance while you're using it, the feature is far from necessary. There's more to a camera than its megapixel count of course, but it's a good place to start. The two Galaxies, iPhone 8s and Pixel 2s are all very similar in that regard, while the HTC U11 packs a far higher resolution into its selfie cam. The iPhone X's front-facing camera is equipped with a depth-sensor, allowing it to scan a user's face in three dimensions for better security and emoji-puppeteering.

A camera's maximum aperture value describes how much light can reach the image sensor — the smaller the f-number, the more light it lets in. Wider apertures ie, smaller f-numbers perform better in low light and create a shallower depth of field. In this case, the LG V30 takes out both highest and lowest with its dual cameras, but in practical terms, only the most hardcore of photographers would be able to tell much difference between these 10 phones.

Android VS iPhone

The other phones are still running Android Nougat, and likely will be for a while yet. Voice-controlled assistants are part and parcel, and although each company is developing their own they all do much the same stuff. Stalwart Siri is still sticking around on the iPhones, while Samsung unveiled Bixby with the launch of the galaxy S8 line.

The OnePlus 5T is the only phone to go without, although it can still perform some really basic functions via voice control. Samsung and Apple have developed their own mobile payment systems, while the rest are content to use the stock-standard Android Pay system.

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Phones like the HTC U11 and OnePlus 5T are classed as mid-range, but as we've seen their specs often match phones with price tags hundreds of dollars higher. Up the other end of the scale, the iPhone X has soared past a grand, but the wow-factor means it's had no trouble selling units anyway. New Atlas compares the specs and features of 10 of the year's flagship phones.

In this comprehensive comparison, we look at: Water resistance. Display size. Screen-to-body ratio. Display Resolution. Display type. Onboard storage. In the case of the iPhones, Apple gives the option for an almost unparalleled GB. Fast charging. Wireless charging. Rear camera aperture.

Operating system. Release date. Over , people receive our email newsletter See the stories that matter in your inbox every morning Your Email. No thanks. Latest in Mobile Technology. Samsung's folding phone is official, and is joined by the Galaxy S10 flagships. MWC Everything we're expecting from the world's biggest phone show.

Android vs iOS vs Windows 10 Mobile: Apps – Stock and downloadable

Motorola introduces four Moto G7 models for Android fans on a budget. High Five charging cable fits on your key ring and plugs into almost anything. Your next Samsung phone could have 1 TB of storage as new chips roll out. Folding screen phones from Samsung, Sony, LG and more on the horizon. Meizu Zero wants to banish a smartphone buttons and ports completely. Wi-Fi Porter puck lets guests log into your wireless network with a single tap. Oppo to launch world-first 10x lossless zoom smartphone tech.

Doogee S Affordable, waterproof, rugged smartphone with a modular twist. It feels… incomplete. The larger screen over the S8 being the main factor. For many, the best smartphone on the market is the Pixel 2 XL , and for some that alone should be enough to win the trophy. On paper the Pixel 2 family has everything you would want in a smartphone. A stunning screen, great photographic capability, and wonderful design.

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The Pixel range has not made an impact in the Top Ten chart, and while it remains the number one choice of many members of the geekerati it remains a white-label range with a bit of Google marketing over it. For many, the answer is yes. The Pixel 2 XL is rightly in my list of contenders, but the lack of retail impact and the perceived hardware issues again dull the edge just enough to hold it back from the ribbon. But only just. The OnePlus 5T was released in late November, updating the physical design of the OnePlus 5 but retaining broadly the same specifications.

The two main changes saw an That placed the fingerprint sensor to the rear of the handset, but OnePlus sweetened this change by implementing a facial recognition system. OnePlus continues to deliver the promise of flagship specifications at a lower price point.

iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5: Design

That remains the case with the OnePlus 5T. The weight is less than the Pixel 2 XL and the 6. OnePlus 5T in Lava Red image: Although it is a dual lens arrangement, the 5T uses the second lens not as a telephoto, but for improved low-light performance. It does the job and for the vast majority of casual photographs the 5T does enough to satisfy, but the final few percentage points of quality are simply not there.

Neither is Android Ore. Although a public beta is expected later in January the handset ships with Android 7.

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Imaging remains an important battleground and it is seen as the tie breaking feature for many. I think that market conditions and the impact that a phone has one the wider ecosystem is just as important as the features that it provides. So which handset manages to score highly in every category, is accessible as an everyday phone but can act with flagship power if required, and has an impact on the market that changes the discussions around the smartphone.

HMD Global's Nokia 8 image: Ewan Spence Ewan Spence. The Nokia 6 caught the industry on the hop, but it gathered a lot of attention. Since then HMD has filled out its portfolio of Nokia handsets, and the current top-end device, the Nokia 8 , is the one for me.