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Apple should stop making iPhone cases. Forum posts: Reply More Link to post. Kim Kroon. Hi there, I'm having a problem with my galaxy s4, I moved from Canada to South Africa about a month ago, I then had to have my phone unlocked in order to work here. Well since then my OS system has had major problems and is now disabled some of the OS apps.

Samsung Galaxy W GT-I PhilZ Touch Advanced CWM Recovery

Can I do a factory reset without having to get my phone unlocked again Thank you for t the help. Hey Kim, resetting or updating your device won't affect its unlocked status. Once that's done it's done. Which apps are disabled? It could be that some of those apps are disabled because of the region you're in. I'm not sure what the situation is with specific apps where you're living but some services are not available everywhere. So if there's some blocking in South Africa that might be the cause? You could also try clearing the cache and data from the affected apps in case they're holding onto some old data that isn't meshing with your new location.

Hi Kris it's actually my update software, context providers, and App installer. Im not really sure which other ones but I think there is a few more. I have gone and cleared all my cache and data. So this was the last on my list Thanks again for your help I appreciate it. Cheers Aar Kris Carlon. Hey Kim, here's an article I just wrote about the new Play Store. It has the direct download link for the APK, which you could try reinstalling if you're having problems downloading apps.

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I'm not sure what a context provider is though! And updates should come from your new carrier. How do you know the update software is disabled? Katy Aldcroft. Hi There I set a password today on my Samsung S4.

1- Factory Reset (Soft Reset):

The first time I went in to try and unlock it, the password didn't work. It was a very simple password that I use all the time, but I obviously did something wrong when setting it for the first time. I now cannot unlock my phone! Is there any way I can factory rest my phone while the screen is locked? I'm pretty up set that this has happened. I have phoned both my phone company and Samsung call centres and neither are very helpful.

They keep bouncing me between each other "you need to phone Samgsung to reset it" and then I get "you need to phone the cell phone company to reset it". Is there anything I can do myself. Feeling a little down Thanks. All you need to do is from a powered off state press and hold Power, Home and Volume Up buttons to enter fastboot mode.

When you see the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen let go of Power but keep holding the other two. Again, scroll down with the volume buttons to highlight Yes, delete user data or whatever it says, I forget exactly hit the Power button to confirm. Then select Reboot system now and the phone will do its thing and your password will be gone when it reboots. Ana Rakovac. Hello, After a fall which cracked the screen, my Samsung Galaxy S4's screen is still usable, but the device keeps crashing.

You can also try the Pro version that resets the PIN or pattern so you don't have to wipe your device.

Hard Reset Samsung I8150

Just download the app on your computer, install it onto your device via the Web Market and reboot your device. You should see a screen asking you to activate the app. You should know, however, that once you activate it, the app will run every time you reboot, so make sure to uninstall if you're worried about it falling into the wrong hands. There are two different pieces of code that XDA Developers user m.

First, connect your phone to your computer via USB. Open Command Prompt and input the following:. You'll still see the pattern lock when you reboot, but it should accept any pattern you try. There's no guarantee it will work with all devices, but it's definitely worth trying before you have to reset your phone. Unfortunately, these methods won't work for everyone.

If your device isn't compatible with any of the above, you may have to wipe all your data and settings and restore your phone to its default settings. If you're going to use the pattern lock screen, it's important to choose a secure pattern , but also to make sure it's one you can remember so that you don't have to go through all of this. Thank you for this article! Just had a franctic sister call me because she forgot her code - sent her to this page and all is well.

I've locked myself out of my droid, and I don't know my google user name or password and in order to download the app you mentioned I have to be able to log into the google store, also I know next to nothing about computers so nothing else really made sense to me here, please help. Hold your power button and volume down button until a triangle appears then press your menu button another screen will pop up use your volume keys to scroll up and down then pressure home key to selecting highlighted options such as white and battery light restore to factory.

I changed the personal screen pin lock on my tmobile galaxy 3 and can't remember what pin I put.

Hard Reset /Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy W With Easy Way

I don't want to reset it because all my pictures that I was storing to the phone will be erase, How can I bypass my screen pin lock without master reset? Please help. I'm locked out of my galaxy s3 screen pin lock is my problem can't remember it and don't want to reset it.

So i was just locked out of my phone. I failed to get my pattern correct too many times i think i was pranked.. I knew it was right. So if your wifi just so happened to be off, call from another phone, choose to reply with a message, and tada you can slide the bar on top!