Samsung galaxy note 3 speaker problem

If your phone has a case or enclosure then remove it first. Using compressed air or your mouth , blow directly into the audio port of your phone.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems, Errors, Glitches, Solutions and Troubleshooting [Part 75]

This dislodges any dirt or lint that may be found inside. You should also follow this up by cleaning the audio port using a toothpick. Connect a pair of headphones into the audio port and make sure it is inserted completely. Pull out the headphones. If the headphone icon is still present then connect and disconnect the headphones a couple of times. I am a Sprint user.

Microphone and/or speaker problem

When I receive calls from my husband or son also Android users on Sprint my phone immediately hangs up on them when I try to answer the call. When my daughter calls me an iPhone user on Sprint , or someone calls me from a landline, I can answer the call without a problem. I took my phone to a Sprint store and they tried calling me with some of their Sprint cell phones — and my phone hung up on all of them. They suggested I talk to Samsung or do a factory reset. I spoke to a Samsung Rep at Best Buy.

I performed a factory reset and have had my husband call me twice — the phone still hangs up on him. Any ideas on how to fix this? I love my Note 3 and had zero problems with it before the update.

Galaxy Note 3 Earpiece Speaker Replacement How To Change

Thank you for any help that you can give me on this. Kind regards. Have you tried to have Sprint check on your account?

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This may be an account related issue. If your account does not have any issues then you should consider reflashing your phone software using Odin. I have bought my phone from United Arab Emirates and still no lollipop for it. The phone is free of carrier works on any if i need to do some screenshot tell me. I run 4. Should i wait a little longer for lollipop? I like the official from samsung no odin and root stuff.

You should try to connect your phone using a USB cord to a computer running Kies.

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You will be notified of an update once it is available for your phone. To update your phone just follow the onscreen instructions. He then changed my phone service provider to Simple Mobile which I believe is also a TMobile product. Well immediately upon the switch over I notice that the sound quality of my phone calls are terrible. One moment its clear and they next second its muffled. It sound more like how it sounds when one talks in front of a box fan. My callers say they dont hear me well either. It also sounds like this when your just dialing a number.

Is there a fix for this? This may be a SIM or network related issue. Have you tried using a different SIM in your phone? If not then try using another SIM. If you can use a SIM of a different carrier then it would be much better.

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If the issue is still the same then this may not be a SIM or network related issue. Make a call while in Safe Mode. If the problem disappears then it may be caused by a third party app installed in your phone. Find out what app is causing this and uninstall it. If the issue still persists even in Safe mode then you should back up your phone data and do a factory reset. Can u please help me fix this issue?

Thank you, waiting 4 an answer, have a nice day. You should try to use a different wall charger when charging your phone. If that does not solve the issue then try to replace your phone battery. Love what your doing here. Going to see the zit faced kid behind a retail counter does nothing but confuse people. All they wanna do is sell u a new phone… anyway my latest issue is loss of Internet. I have reset the device and downloaded nothing. Note 9: Galaxy note 9 stereo speaker issue during call.

Reply Loading Pierhh Cosmic Ray. I don't understand what call record app..? There is no way to fix by setting isn't it? Its software issue right?? Bdpnutz3 Asteroid. Fix the thing Samsund I agree I think they could fix it without diagnosing the phones. Or potentially reset. Related content. My Galaxy Note 5 blue tooth keeps disconnecting and reconnecting about every 30 seconds. If the name appears then the problem may be with the synced contacts data. We support every Android device that is available in the market today.

If we were able to help you, please help us spread the word by sharing our posts with your friends. My Note 3 is acting really weird. I can place regular calls, but neither me or the other party hear anything. I read somewhere that the FB messenger could be at fault,I uninstalled it and it work. For a little bit. So yesterday I did a factory reset, and it worked.

I thought it might be the Sim, so I put a different one in. Weirdly enough, if I call my own number I can hear a busy tone an everything. Not when I call or get other calls. Anybody has been through something like it, or do you have other ideas I can try? I am having the same problem in my note 3 sm n v. It is realli irritating now…Going throught this problem for last 7 mnths. Reset — works for sometimes then problem continues. Hard Factory Reset: Updated to 5. Any help?

Can this be due to the bad sim card reader or ic fault? Samsung Galaxy Note 3 When I make a call altoparlant activates by itself. What should I do?

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  • Solutions To Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Call Related Problems;

Hi everyone. Hi, I have Samsung note3. Whenever I am using the headphone for any call then the call gets disconnected as the app is stopped working. Is the issue with headphone or with note 3. When I swipe my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to answer a call, it cuts off the call. I have to call the person back. There is a red circle with a line thru it that shows beneath the phone icon on the screen. This has been happening for several days. I have checked all of my settings. I called Verizon tech support.

They tried but it keeps going back to now allowing me to answer.

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I think somehow the phone is locked. Please help. I use my phone for business calls. I am using Hands Free mode so I hear who is calling as we are on our sailboat and the engine makes alot of noise. What can I do? I just started having the same problem.