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It offers a clear front-end that makes finding and playing content on YouTube quick and effortless. The main page of YouTube for Mobile is ultra minimalistic, containing a preview of a featured video, plus three options: The 'Menu' screen gives you easy access to other services, and many of these options can be launched using hotkeys. The search function in YouTube for Mobile is very straightforward, displaying results in a very clear manner, and keeping a history of your searched-for items.

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You can view popular videos with the click of a button to see most-visited, top rated, most recent, or recently featured. YouTube for Mobile gives you a decent range of options for managing your account. Besides allowing you to access your favorites, playlists, subscriptions, etc.

YouTube for Mobile for Symbian - Download

The app even allows you to publish videos, using the 'Upload' tool. Be warned though, this can take a long, long time, and if you don't have a data plan for GPRS you'll end up spending a fortune. There are a few strange glitches with the current version of YouTube for Mobile - the program hangs from time to time, and it constantly calls up Internet security warnings if you haven't disabled this option in your phone's settings. Yes Reported Working On: Pico Wireless has released a version 3.

PicoFinance lets you track your investment portfolio. It supports most world exchanges and provides real time quotes, charts and news about your watched stocks.

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Freeware Author: PicoWireless Data Connection Required: Please let us know in a comment if it works or not on your phone. PicoScoop has been updated to version 3. Yes Reported working on: WeChat is a voice, video, photo and text chat app. It supports both one-on-one and group chats. WeChat officially supports the following Nokia S40 phones Asha: It may work on other Nokia S40 phones and possible some non-Nokia phones.

If you are trying it on a non-Nokia phone use this unsigned version: The downloads below are signed with a Nokia certificate and are extremely unlikely to work on non-Nokia devices.


Nokia Asha Submitted by a reader, Ruler is a ridiculously simple but actually useful app. All it does is display a ruler with inch and centimeter markings on the screen so you can measure stuff with just your phone. Before you can use the app for the first time you have to calibrate it with a real ruler. When you are done with the calibration tap the screen or press OK or Enter to hide the on screen buttons or labels and make the ruler full screen.

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PicoWireless has released version 3. It lets you message your friends and share images, music, videos and graphical stickers. Denis 2 give me the an0ther URL? Maybe an issue with your phone or your data connection. Do you only have trouble downloading with the Universal App Loader or do you also have problems downloading the apps and games on this site.

Can you download games from other sites like Getjar or the Opera App Store? If you can you should be able to download them here too.

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Use the Play Store on your Android phone to download Android apps. Do you mean the Nokia C? I just installed http: I open it.