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Turbo can boost your speed by using multiple connections and fine tunes it with additional speed performance settings. It can run up to 10 multiple threads.

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Turbo allows you to download directly to your SD card. You can access up to three parallel downloads. MD5 hash validation ensures that your download files are not corrupted. Turbo download manager is free with no in-app purchases but contains ads. Download Accelerator Plus is another well-suited Android download manager app to easily download content.

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Its outstanding features include direct download to the SD card, built-in browser with multiple tabs, auto-resume capability of interrupted downloads and many more. It can auto-catch downloadable links whenever you copy to clipboard or open downloadable links in your browser. You can even log in to your google account and backup your download data.

The app uses smart error handling feature to prevent download threads interruption. The UI of this advanced download manager app is well designed for use in tablets.

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You can also set the maximum speed for downloading. Apart from English, it is also available in other languages. It is free with in-app purchases and contains ads. The premium version removes all ads and also allows you to schedule downloads. Download Manager for Android is known to be one of the best download manager apps for Android on the market.

It allows free downloading of any files and claims to provide three times faster-downloading speeds than other downloaders. Along with its user-friendly interface, it also carries a built-in file manager and browser.

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  • It features web page bookmark manager, speech recognition, and also has the option to pause and resume large downloads. It supports download for HTML 5 web pages and videos. The app overcomes many limitations of a download manager and provides you with fast and secure downloading experience. It is free with some in-app purchases and display ads.

    Fast Speed Download Manager

    Fast Download Manager is another excellent Android download manager that allows you to download files easily and quickly. It automatically detects downloadable links from your web browser, or you can even manually add some links. You can download all types of files, and can also pause, resume, or restart downloads anytime. Moreover, with the Fast download manager, you can download many files simultaneously and even queue them.

    This fast file downloader also allows you to download files while the app is running in the background. The app is free and lightweight, and also has support for different languages.

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    • It is ad-supported. It is an advanced download manager app for Android with Torrent download support. With Download Manager, you can save files directly to your SD card.

      Painless, fast downloads

      Moreover, it contains an in-built browser with Adblock and popup blocker. The app has an incredible interface with simple access to the download files. It comes with an awesome batch download feature to grab content from sites. Also, if the video is behind a password, like with Hulu or Netflix, then it doesn't allow you to download those videos either.

      There was a time when the Fast Video Downloader would allow you to download videos from YouTube even if the videos required that you log-in first. This is no longer the case, but it may change in the future if the developers update the program. The Fast Video Downloader program has a player installed into it.

      You may download videos and watch them on VLC or your Microsoft video player, or you may play the videos via the Fast Video Downloader program interface.

      Top Android Download Manager Apps In 2018

      The player is only available with the paid version and not with the free trial version that you are downloading right now. With the free trial version you are only able to add one video and download one video at a time. If you opt for the paid version, then you may add a list of videos and the downloader will take them on one at a time.

      It is able to download numerous videos at the same time, but this doesn't increase or improve its performance in the way it does with BitTorrent. For example, if you download three files the at the same time with BitTorrent, then the time it takes to download all three is reduced because you are receiving files from a wide range of your peers.

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      When you download with the Fast Video Downloader program, your source is a single location you are not getting the file from numerous other people , which means the amount of time it takes to download is not sped up. For example, if you download three files at the same time and three files one after the other, both exercise will take the same amount of time. It does not speed up your downloads through allowing you to download numerous files at the same time a point that was made in the previous section , the way it speeds up your download is quite different. Unlike other media downloader software, DAM MediaGrabber features advanced media capturing logic, which can grab media not only from all Web browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari , but also from your other wanted Internet software.

      Most importantly, regardless of Web browsers or media websites get updated, this tool will still work! With Download Accelerator Manager, you can download at maximum performance by using the best built-in download logic accelerator, schedule, recover, resume, and manage downloads. DAM uses dynamic-file-segmentation, no-file-part-assembly logic to achieve best download speeds.

      Unlike other products of its kind that split download in parts only before download begins, DAM dynamically segments download throughout download process, reuses connections without extra connect steps, and maintains connections busyness. Plus, DAM eliminates file-part-appending stage to achieve optimal download performance. DAM downloader will recover downloads due to unexpected events or errors, such as lost connections, power outages, or network problems.

      It can connect to the Internet, download files, then disconnect or shutdown computer when done.