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Still, it is pretty zippy for those seeking to grab the latest score, stats and standings. Cricket Yahoo! Hosts the official cricket web site for the World Cup, but has opted to release a full-fledged Yahoo! Cricket app only for iOS, although there is a more limited Yahoo! Cricket Score app available for other phone users too.

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In terms of live match information, it is very much spot on, although it is not the fastest app in town by means. You get live coverage with text commentary which for some reasonable is available only when you hold the phone in landscape mode , lots of pictures, and news aplenty. We however were a bit disappointed not to find statistics, records and team profiles, and are hoping that those will be added in an update.

The Nokia phone version of the app is restricted just to ongoing match coverage and does not even have news. Truth be told, we expected a bit more from Yahoo! Get it from iTunes App Store in. And all of these come to the fore in these iOS and Android apps, where he is as quirky as ever and never short of figures and decidedly eccentric logic. Will we be using this app to find out the latest score? But we bet we are going to be opening it several times a match just to find out what Professor Deano has to say about the proceedings and check his stats as much as we do the official ones.


Want to get out and have a swing or two yourself? Well, then this is just the app for you. The graphics may not be cutting-edge, but the sheer choice of shots you can play more than compensates. We would also have preferred real player names Tindulkar, Saywag and Gambeer, anyone?

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So what better way to get a taste of the action than picking up your willow and giving the white orb a jolly good thwack? Stick Cricket lets you do just that — it is batting at its basic best, as seen on the immensely popular StickCricket. You see the ball coming, swing your bat and hope you have got your timing spot on. There are real player names, including those of some legends, and while you can have a jolly good slog by yourself, you can also play against a friend by passing your handset to them for their innings. There is no bowling, no running between the wickets, no setting the fields, just hammering the ball to all parts of the ground.

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The sound effects are good, the graphics are decent and although it does not really appear to be as comprehensive as most of the other cricket games out there, the sheer simplicity sucks you in. Terrific for a good adrenaline rush. It is mainly available for iOS, although there is an older version of the game called Ian Botham Stick Cricket available for Java handsets too.

Get it from iTunes App Store Cricket Wars This app is like playing cricket in a multiplayer online role playing game universe. You pick an avatar and the guide the person right through all the way, taking on challenges from other players in the community, playing matches, picking up gear there is a virtual money system in the game , and attempting to move up the community rankings and building your own team.

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As usual with making web sites easier to get to, you can 'Pin this page to start', as shown. Not bad at all - performance is good and the ESPN site has hamburger menu navigation, so it's almost like having a Windows 10 application. Comments welcome? Am I settling for second best too easily?

I do feel that in this case the heavy information-based content is well suited to browser rather than app delivery. Android Software Type: Freeware Tags: No comments posted for this file.

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