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You can significantly speed up the way you enter text on your N8 by installing Swype. Thanks to this intelligent app, instead of having to tap on each letter of a word, you can simply drag your finger from one letter to the next without lifting your finger from the screen. Next time you go out for a run or a cycle, make sure you take your N8, with Sports Tracker installed on it. This smart app uses GPS technology to track everything about your activity, from the calories you burn to your average speed.

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It gives you maps, time and distance calculators, a step counter, and even a heart rate monitor. Your data is stored in the program so you can check your progress over time. The top 10 apps for your Nokia N8. Angry Birds Games Still one of the most popular mobile games on many platforms, Angry Birds is the ridiculously addictive game in which you need to catapult your feathered friends into walls of blocks in order to destroy the bad piggies trapped inside.

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The top 10 apps for your Nokia N8

Next story How to respond to and learn from constructive criticism. Read more. In a move to mimic this simplicity, Symbian adopted this scheme, and while many thought it is the good way to go, the end result is a total disaster.

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There are two major differences though in the bluetooth connectivity scheme. The second one is that messages received do appear in the Messaging Inbox and show up on the Notifications widget on the Homescreen but they are not saved on the C: This last change, only previously introduced with the Nokia X6, means that you no longer need third-party file browsers like X-Plore to transfer received bluetooth files to a folder of your choice, but they are now readily accessible within the default browser. There are 4 different selections. Switch to WLAN: There is no Always Ask option, so you either choose to give it full freedom or make a decision to consciously be aware of everytime you want to switch to WiFi and do it.

The major drawback of setting it to automatically connect to known WLANs is that free WiFi networks that require passing by a landing page to approve, will connect but nothing will work, unless you remember the landing page and go to it manually from the web browser. Data use in home network: Always ask will take you back to the old Symbian ways, and Automatic is what everyone was asking for since the dawn of unlimited data plans. Unlike most standalone cameras, however, you can also opt for automatic GPS geotagging and easy sharing to online galleries.

The internal storage is enough for around an hour of highest-resolution video.

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The default 25fps frame-rate for video recording has been increased to 30fps , for smoother footage, while the native image compression has been tweaked to make for even more detailed stills at roughly five times the file size. Even without those modifications, the content produced by the N8 is surprisingly good.

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Still images show a high degree of balance and colors are accurate, and after spending some time playing with the settings the results can be mightily impressive. Alternatively, it works well in auto-mode, the camera app generally loading up in a few seconds and taking around three seconds to process shots at maximum resolution. There are sample shots in the gallery below.

Nokia announces Nokia N8 release date - 30th September, worldwide

Video, meanwhile, is also strong, though as with other cameraphones can suffer from judders if panned too quickly. Could it be better? Nokia also preload photo and video editing apps onto the N8, and each is flexible enough to keep you from needing to raid third-party alternatives from the Ovi Store. Editing clips or still images on a smartphone-sized display is never going to be quite as straightforward as on a desktop, though of course you can plug in an HDMI cable on the N8.

Still, the UI for both apps is sensible and you can have decent results after just a few minutes work. The video app offers either a photo slideshow wizard, with various themes and transitions, while the full video editor allows you to splice together clips and stills with titles, transitions and other effects. Nokia handsets have a track record of strong phone and audio performance, and the N8 is no different. It proved tenacious with a signal and in-call quality was high both using the earpiece and the speakerphone.

Music playback via the speaker was less impressive, being predictably tinny, but when we plugged in a set of headphones the N8 made a far better job of things. The VGA front-facing camera can be used for 3G video calls, though the feature remains rarely used. Battery life proved a mixed bag. Real-world use, though, is a mixture of calls, media playback, photography and messaging, and we found our email settings made the biggest difference to overall runtime. Relying on push-email instead, however, and with some browsing and media use, and we managed to get through around a day and a half of use.

That could probably be coaxed out to two days if you were less ambitious. There are limits to what exactly you can do with the port, however. We had mixed results with different USB memory sticks — some would be recognized instantly, and load content with no issues, while the system refused to accept others — while portable hard-drives proved even more temperamental.