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Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. And, here's how you can add Austrian holidays to your iPhone and iPad calender: Congrats, you've added Austrian Holidays to your calendar.

My iPhone has a calender for Indian holidays. Well guess that's how it is.

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But I think it strange that they messed up such a simple feature. Will drop apple support a note - but they don't make it easy: But if the calendar shows up in the "Subscribed" section, you can delete it as follows: Tap "Delete Account" at the bottom. Kevin Chen Kevin Chen 1, 10 Apple Genius Apple Genius 1. Related 0. Hot Network Questions. Ask Different works best with JavaScript enabled. I have been searching and searching for something to explain this and finally found your article.

I hope that the next version of IOS will have an option to disable this completely. I was looking for a way to delete this calendar. Since I have my own birthday calendar, created by "Dates to iCal" http: It is a great and simple script that allow you to customize a birtheday calendar and also annivesary dates as requested. Happened to come across this post.

I don't know about deleting the calendar, but you can just click on it to stop it showing up in the users calendar. Open calendar click on calendars button in top left, then click on the name of the calendar, it's a toggle on and off. I also noticed that the birthday calendar taken from the Contact list is a day off usually later , even though they are listed correctly in the Contact information.

Thanks for the info. At least I now know where the info is supposed to be coming from. I was totally confused as I had birthdays appearing on the same day in December in the calendar that didn't even remotely relate to the birthday dates I saved in my Contacts. That's what made me think it was something else. I have two contacts where one has a July birthday and the other a November birthday.

They show in the Birthday calendar as 13th December! Deleting the birthday info in contacts removes these entries but when adding them back in, birthday calendar shows them as 13th December again!

How to show birthdays on iPad and iPhone calendar

Have now found out the "13th December" bug affects all birthdays in Contacts which have a year prior to Phew, so pleased to read that the 13 Dec problem is not me! In frustration I have even tried to remove delete the Birthday Calendar, but all I can do is turn it off!

Would love to hear of further developments and a solution to the problem. Unfortunately, contacts whose first birthday is more than 77 years ago do not display when viewed in the Birthdays Calendar on an iOS 4 Device, such as an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. I'm using the suggested workaround for now.

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iPhone 4s Birthday calendar - all birthdays 1 day behind, how do I solve??!!

I think this is a bug - i noticed that I suddenly had a whole host of birthdays listed on the 13th of Dec. I knew that 2 of these were false but the others were weird becasue I didnt even have those peoples birthdays.

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Went back and checked my old iphone 3G vs3. I did find this info in the respective contact files in yahoo but this can only have come from when I sync'd the phone as I DO NOT populate these fields.

Thanks for your hint, just go back to your contacts and delete the birthday in contacts which then removes it from your calendar Cheers. Thank you for this--finally know how to use this. I hope this isn't redundant information here, but i noticed that if you had someone's birthday added to your regular calendar and it was tagged as a repeating event yearly, which is how most of mine were set , you couldn't delete it by choosing "delete this event and all future events" without first turning off the repeat option for that date. Thanks for the explanation.

I've been scratching my head about how to add someones birthday to my IPhone. Couldn't figure it out until I read this article. Thanks again. Thanks - I was scratching my head as well. To answer your thoughts on future items: They do have the ability to put an Anniversary in. When you edit the contact you can "add field", then scroll down and select "Date". It auto populates with the heading "anniversary" or you can change it to a label of your choice. I am not getting it. My Iphone 4 was purchased on March 26, Every one of my contacts has a birthday of March 26, and every one of my contacts has a anniversity of March 26, At last count I have over contacts listed.

Then, what will happen the next time I sync again. Anybody have a better suggestion? John, that sounds serious. This could happen to any of us. I happen to like the birthday calendar; but, I haven't found a way to setup an alert in the contact's birthday field. Is there a way for the iPhone 4 to signal an alert for an upcoming birthday? Thank you for your post, I was wondering how I input birthdays and you have solved my problem: Although once I had input my friends and families birthdays I was wondering how to put birthdays of younger relations who are not old enough to have a phone, but just put in their name and birthday and it works, eventually when they are a little older and get a mobile phone I can add their phone number.

Also for the person who has couples as a single contact, it is just a matter of creating two separate contacts if you want to remember their birthdays. I do not see any reason to complain about this feature at all - thank you apple!! I know it's a little late, But if you are trying to delete Birthday's from your Iphone, and it is Synced with Windows contacts, You have to open windows contacts on your computer, double click on the contact, go under the family tab and unclick their birthday, If your phone is synced to ICloud, it will change it in your phone all by itself.

If not, manually sync your phone through Itunes! Hope this information can help someone!! I do want some birth dates. How do you leave off the year? I have been searching for a way to remove the birthday from my iPhone for so many days and I stumbled on your article. This has been most helpful. There is an option in there for Birthdays, which can be set to:.

None On day of event 9: As noted previously, to turn off the birthdays, open Calendar app, press Calendars button in top left and untick the Birthdays calendar. Now, obviously time has went on. You can delete individual birthdays by going into the contact; scroll down to the bottom of page to birthday and select edit and delete birthday. Once this is done it will also be removed from the "List".

How do I edit the birthday calendar? - Apple Community

Thanks for the great explanation! I am really quite sick of apple's patronizing attitude and their treating users like they were dummies and incapable of doing things their own way. At least apple should enable deteting or editing, that would be the least to expect. Sorry for this 'outburst', but now I feel better: Your logic is perfect! I could not figure out what to do, and your thought process truly is the best of Apple. Thank you. Nathan - I'm running iOS 5.

iCloud: Show the Birthdays calendar in iCloud

Thanks for the posting. In my case for some reason something somewhere had listed a lot of my brithdays for Janurary 1st. After reading your comment it helped me better to understand how to correct the problem and correct all the errors in my calendars that feed off of my contact list.

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