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SD-WAN marketing almost always mentions the benefit of cost savings. Different wireless networks have different requirements. However, some common principles exist for strategizing your wireless Green clouds are gathering from sunny California to the hot springs of Iceland, and their technology is pushing the standards of Looking ahead to , storage vendor execs see cloud storage playing a more prominent role in data centers; primary Learn how your data may be at risk when deploying CPaaS and communication APIs and how to protect your organization from Many users of the Microsoft Teams app were unable to connect to the service through the web and desktop clients for several hours Contact center AI is evolving to meet the needs of organizations.

Vendors are focusing on five trends that are driving the market Discover some of the best multifactor authentication products currently on the market based on target industry and main features Google this week attributed security improvements in Google Play to both automated processes and human reviewers. Home Data and infrastructure Telecom Mobile service provider. This was last updated in November Samsung's 1 TB internal phone storage means headaches for IT Evernote mobile app helps fill productivity gaps What mobile device analytics can do for you What are the use cases for blockchain in mobile apps?

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On Call: How does my carrier know which phone I'm using?

How middleware platforms can benefit mobile apps Developers reap benefits of iOS app modules with Swift On-device machine learning offers security, reduced latency Load More View All Evaluate. Login Forgot your password? Forgot your password? No problem! On Call tackles this and other questions. Recently I bought a used iPhone 3G from a friend.

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About an hour later, though, my profile said I have an iPhone again! Now I suspect that in another month they will tack on the data plan again. The company gets this information not from your customer profile, but from your phone itself. Here's how it works.

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Each time you make a call, a couple of things are going on. First off, your SIM card identifies you as a subscriber to the carrier.

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If your account is in order, then you can make the call. The IMEI identifies the phone to your carrier and it checks that the handset is valid to use.

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If the phone is locked to another carrier or if it's lost or stolen--your carrier can use the IMEI to "blacklist" a device--you won't be able to make calls. I'm not sure how how much time the carrier waits before tacking on the mandatory data plan, but it will happen eventually. I'm not in favor of mandatory data plans, and I really don't like it when they add new services to your contract without asking, but it happens all the time. Unfortunately, jailbreaking won't help since that process only removes the Apple-imposed restrictions that block you from downloading third-party apps.

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With Windows Phone 7 making all Windows Mobile 6. Obviously, this could slow sales of Windows Phone 7. Do you think Microsoft might try to do something to defray the cost of going to new hardware as a way to help sales e.

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Microsoft could work with the carriers to offer deals to consumers, but the carriers really drive those decisions since they're the party that buys the phones in bulk and resells them. Yet, carriers have an incentive to offer customers earlier upgrade terms. Not only would users be locked into another two-year contract--not surprisingly, carriers really like that--but also the carrier would be able to move more handsets. If it does happen, I just hope carriers refrain form slapping on one of those painful upgrade fees.

On the upside, once you do get a Windows Phone 7 device, OS updates will be sent to all devices at the same time.

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That's a big advantage that Windows Phone 7 has over Android. On a related note, U. Cellular recently instituted a new Belief Program that awards longtime customers with quicker updates--as short as 12 months in some cases. I'm glad to see U. Cellular reward, rather than punish, loyalty so I hope other carriers will follow. I am 78 years old and wear hearing aids. When talking cell phone to cell phone I cannot hear very well on my Motorola. My contract is up so I am getting a new phone. What would you recommend? Most cell phones are compatible with M4 hearing aids and a few are compatible with T4 models, as well.

Usually, you can find this information by accessing the specifications page for a particular handset on a carrier's Web site.