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Plans include national landline and mobile calls, text messages and data within the Republic of Ireland. EU Roaming is also included. Up to four mobile subscriptions per account. Maximum of one promotion per mobile number. Click here for full terms and conditions.

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Fair Usage Policy on unlimited plans: All other calls and SMS in excess of our Fair Usage Policy or for international, premium, non-geographic numbers and non EU roaming will be charged at our standard rates. Monthly Fair usage allowance of 40GB data, after which speeds will be limited. Surcharges will also apply if over a 4 month rolling period your roaming usage or presence within the EU exceeds your domestic usage or presence. Details of our rates can be found here. Virgin Mobile Phone: If you purchase a mobile phone from Virgin Media, you must have an active Virgin Mobile plan for each phone.

If you are an existing Virgin Mobile customer you may add a phone to your existing plan, the cost of your phone is on top of the price of your plan. Existing phone customers may upgrade their phone anytime once the balance of the existing phone has been paid off. Only one mobile phone purchase per transaction to a maximum of 4 per account.

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Click here for mobile phone terms and conditions. Countries included: Click to open overlay. Switch Account View.

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Choose an account to switch subscription. A big mobile deal at a small price. Virgin Mobile.

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Although the iPhone was activated, it wasn't getting service. I called Virgin Mobile again, and again reached someone right away. Here's where it gets even more interesting. Once again I was told that the phone was tied to Sprint, and needed to be registered with Virgin Mobile.

However, this courteous and apologetic rep told me they could make the switch at their end. Note the disparity: I'm not sure which side got it wrong the first time, Apple or Virgin. The process would take 2 to 4 hours, after which I'd receive a call back. I waited five hours -- no call. So I called Virgin again. Got right through, apologies all around, and this time was told that the serial-number transfer was complete -- now they just needed to make a few more changes at their end.

They kept me on the line all of five minutes, had me punch in a couple numbers on the dial pad, and presto! I had service. It was a vexing couple days, but other than wasting a few hours, no major harm done. The price you pay for saving money, right? Turns out the replacement iPhone my third, if you're keeping score is defective.

The rear camera doesn't work, and I can't hear callers through the earpiece. So it's back to the Apple Store, and I get to go through all of this yet again. Would all this stop me from buying another phone from Virgin? No, because despite all the headaches, the everyday experience is fine -- and much less expensive than with most other carriers.

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I sure do dread the idea of ever having to swap phones again, though. By the way, if you need to reach Virgin Mobile phone support for an activation issue, call , enter your mobile phone number when prompted, then press 4, then 2, then 2 again.