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So I updated the iOS to 7. Is this normal in iOS 7. What I want to do to decrease the heat is changing the network. I compare it with my friend's iPhone which can switch 2G and 3G, and i suspect 1 thing, Carrier. I've been googling and found that this Carrier setting can hide this Enable 3G button, because they want to stop using 2G. Is it true, this Carrier setting is hidden the Enable 3G toggle button?

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According to Apple your phone should automatically update carrier settings when you connect to a new network. I assume you have the correct APN defined? If you're not sure, take a look here - having the incorrect APN may prevent the update from working. When you use your local Carrier, you can already use 3g enabling it in your iPhone settings.

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It's not like it will prevent you from using as much data on your plan You'll still use it, just more slllloooowwwwllllyyyyy But if you're on WiFi the phone will use WiFi.


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When the phone goes into standby, it will shut down the WiFi radio and switch to the cellular data network whether you're on 3G or Edge. Keeping the WiFi radio powered on and connected is a waste of battery power. If you did that, you'd only get 10 hours of standby time tops.

Oct 14, 7: The entire time that I am on Wifi, I am going to get better battery life by having 3G off.

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Even though I will be using the Wifi radio, it still has 3G on and running. And I believe you are mistaking the Wifi "browing" battery life with actual standby time.

And it does give a big increase in battery life compared to leaving the 3G radio on, which is the main reason why I want to be able to use it. We are NOT Apple. Look at the contact us link at the bottom of the page or make a phone call to Apple Care and ask them how to do it.

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Your phone is new. You get 90 days of phone support.

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  5. Oct 15, 2: I really want this fixed too! I only use 2g to talk and use wifi for Internet. I wish I hadn't got rid of my iphone4 so quickly or this one would have gone back! Oct 15, 4: My 3G isn't working on my iphone 4s. When i'm not getting wifi reception, isn't 3G supposed to take its place?

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    I want to be able to browse the internet wherever I go, not just when I have wifi You're complaing about using 3G over Edge? Do you complain about having to use a Macbook instead of a typewriter? High-speed ethernet instead of dial-up? Apple is progressing with the tech and times; 2G is growing obsolete. At some point they stop supporting old tech. Deal with it.

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    Oh, and support pages are not for emotional counseling to help you overcome spoiled temper tantrums. It's tech support - write to Apple with your grievances. We can't changes this for you. Quit wasting server time with your gripes. Also, using wifi is not going to run down the battery like 3G.