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Translation API can automatically identify languages with high accuracy. Translation API can seamlessly scale with almost any volume.

Do You Use Google Translate on the Phone?

We provide a generous daily quota and allow you to set limits below that amount. If a higher quota is needed, you can simply request an increase.

Translating Text

Translation API charges on a per-character basis, even if the character is multiple bytes. Our prices are affordable, making Translation API a low-cost localization solution compared to alternative methods. The translation tools also integrated seamlessly with the Clash of Kings chat service. Translation API.

Fast, dynamic translation Cloud Translation offers both an API that uses pretrained models and the ability to build custom models specific to your needs, using AutoML Translation. Highly scalable Translation API can seamlessly scale with almost any volume. Simple, affordable pricing Translation API charges on a per-character basis, even if the character is multiple bytes.

See sample code for different programming languages including Python, Objective C, and Ruby. Text translation Translation API supports more than languages and thousands of language pairs. For instructions on installing the Cloud SDK, setting up a project with a service account, and obtaining an access token, see the Quickstart.

Fast, dynamic translation

The translations array contains two translatedText fields with translations provided in the requested target language de: The translations are listed in the same order as the corresponding source array in the request. Before trying this sample, follow the Node.

The NMT model can provide improved translation for longer and more complex content. For example, consider the following request:. Because no model is specified in the request, and the translation language pair of English to German is supported by the NMT model, the request is translated using the nmt model.

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The following is returned in the response's translations field:. Alternatively, you can specifically request that the text be translated using the base PBMT model.

Specifying a model

Using the base model returns the following result in the response's translations field, which differs from the translation using the nmt model. You can specify which model to use for translation by using the model query parameter.

How to obtain Google Translate API

To translate text using the nmt model, include the model parameter in your POST request. Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3. For details, see our Site Policies. Last updated February 4, Send feedback.

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Translating text This section demonstrates a few ways to request translations from the https: Translating input strings Protocol To detect the language of some text, make a POST request and provide JSON in the request body that identifies the language to translate from source , the language to translate to target , and the text to translate q. This Debian-based virtual machine is loaded with all the development tools you'll need gcloud , bq , git and others and offers a persistent 5GB home directory.

A Cloud Shell session opens inside a new frame at the bottom of the console and displays a command-line prompt. Wait until the user project: Then, navigate to the Credentials tab and click Create credentials:. Copy your API Key to your clipboard then save it to an environment variable in Cloud Shell using the following line of code.

In this example you will translate the string "My name is Steve" into Spanish. Pass the text to be translated, along with the API key environment variable you saved earlier, to the Translation API with the following curl command:.