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Open the download. Click to confirm the download, once the download complete the phone will automatically install the application. Smaller Size: The install package is now even smaller, making it much smoother to use. Night Mode Optimized: The function of Night Mode has been improved to take even better care of your eyes. Hot Words Search: Find all the latest search trends in the search bar.

Password Saving: Added latest themes on FIFA football world cup. Large File Sizes: Fixed the issue of large file sizes when downloading. Search the world: Google, Yahoo, Baidu search, map search. WAP Site: Mobile phone number smart binding function, easy access to better WAP site.

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Embedded mail function, support gmail, Yahoomail, Hotmail and other popular mailbox. Operating System: Sorry it does and Opera Mini 6. Next to Firefox… This Browser packs a Punch and gives you complete profile displays on Facebook with Fullscreen images on every viewing!

UC Browser 8. Highly recommended by ME personally… Ive been around for 3 decades online and when I see something as amazing as this… I want the whole world to know! It has My Stamp of approval… Go get your free copy today! I wasnt talking about Communists! LOL… Its a slang lingo we used yrs ago with Commodore 64 users!

Alot of people ask me on Facebook whats a…. Sometimes I just Nod at someone and they are like…whats that???? Nod means Yes in the old slang IRC chat type wordage…. Well the word Commie is derived from Commodore 64 user… How easy the newer generation of users misinterprets us older folks whove been online for 2 decades or more…sigh.

I usually browse this site using UC Browser 8. Plus more data on the screen to see…. I couldnt do that before and used to be able to with Opera Mini 6. This completes my update report for the UC Browser 8. You found the wrong Kevin , and I keep my profile private. I dare say not , I was in The U. Army for eight years.

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UC Browser Certificated for Java (Java) - Download

There was another quirk and esp on this site with Opera Mini… Anytime you went to a box like the ones below my post to fill in your name and email… This Browser enters the info in there and when you press enter or ok its fine and clicks away so you have a cursor free to move about…. Now whenever I did that with Opera Mini and clicked ok after entering text it refresh the page because I can see the bar pop up and refresh it… And sometimes after that it messes me up or doesnt save the msg… It does this on Facebook or any site with info you must enter in a box then press ok and the screen refreshes… And sometimes those refreshes can take seconds before refreshing a whole screen… Never understood why it did that to begin with by entering text in a box!

Messes up data on the screen sometimes…. UC Browser doesnt do that on any site… You click after entering ok and the cursor pops up without refreshing like Opera does…. Welcome aboard Kevin!

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When you are typing using the UC Browsers Full screen editor do you have to hold the shift key down while pressing a letter to make it capital in your full screen editor??? Kevin I assume your name is I am Stephan… Do you have to hold the shift key down while pressing a letter to make it capital in your full screen editor???

Yes the numbers you have to hold that key down for a second and it places the number on screen…. Another question… If you have the schematics of that Innuendo can you also tell me if it has a chip in it like mine???? I can direct program mine and already with the 4gig memory card am blowing Droids off in speed since I am manipulating memory within the machine… I didnt know till I looked again in the schematics that this machine has the same but mini version of the chip I used to program yrs ago on the Commodore 64 and Apple PCs… Its giving me an edge online and yea it only hogs memory if you keep your clipboard full with the chache the way it is… But I love tinkering around but I dont wanna start putting codes on here cause thats not good… My neighbor just got an Innuendo and sometime I am going to poke codes into it if it has that chip to give him my edge… As it is I can talk text play music and be on Facebook all at once…LOL But Ive crashed it a couple times so I just limit it!

But it seems to be a little clunky when it comes to numbers , and it seems like it is going to be a memory hog if I have to open every link in a new window.

UC Browser Certificated for Java

But then again , I cannot expect too much from a beta test product. Thanks for the help. Now that I got another Incognito User I need you to check something out for me… Once you get back online with UC Browser type a message out to me and tell me in the full screen editor if you have to hold the shift key down to make a capital letter??? Apparently Dennis EVERY Single App on this site or elsewhere that uses text input in the full screen editor one must use the thumb to hold the shift key down while pressing another to get a capital letter!!!!

No caps lock either and in that event you must hold that thumb on the shift key while using one hand to type out an entire word s in caps just like a PC!!! At least a PC has caps lock…. Now the native browser and its full screen editor is sweet!!! It automatically capitalizes at the beginning of a sentence whether in chat or not as long as your using the native app with the phone and not one from anywhere else including here… The native browser also has caps lock and you can tap that shift key when in need and release it and the next letter pressed is capitalized!

Under Security the Login record is set to Always Ask that way it will remember your passwords and let you back on those sites. Erm , what are the rcommended settings fot the Innuendo or Incognito?

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I tried using this browser , but I cannot even get the links to Google or Bing search results to work. Font Size: Thank you Dennis! There used to be a prompt to allow mobile or desktop at the bottom of the logon screen and now its gone!

I would like to go on there in desktop mode with this browser to make some adjustments to my photo albums… Its limited on the mobile side and more menus on the desktop side… I want to privatize some of my albums and it wont let me just limit it to the select few in mobile mode…. The inline editor wont let me choose close friends either… I have to go into their Privacy menu to adjust default settings… Theres really no way to fine tune privacy settings in mobile mode… And that Facebook App is slow as molasses and is nothing compared to this browsers speed and ability to blow up pics to full screen….

Oh speaking of which if the pic is too big it wont load it at all! It only shows well as a thumbnail image…Dont know if its another bug I found in here…anyways…. Got a problem with this browser… I am now using this as my main browser esp on Facebook… I also recommend this over my famed Opera Mini because it is about times faster loading pages esp on Facebook!!! It will click into mobile YouTube to watch videos like the Opera and the screen is almost fullscreen unlike Opera Mini which puts it in the upper left hand corner….

The problem is: Getting it to download apps from HERE!

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It kicks in the internal browser like Opera Mini does but then it freezes!!! Now it goes to the internal browser with the black screen and then I wait for those prompts which never come… Sigh. Only Opera Mini 4. I just use the built in browser for all app downloads. You are going to end up there anyway. This mobile version of site should work well in the built in browser. Bolt also shut the forums down on Bolt Space and does not make any comments on their Facebook page. It really makes me wonder if Bitstream will be around next year. They are merging with Monotype, another font company and shedding un-profitable products like Bolt.

I think they will survive. As this the wave of all Boost Apps.