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Photo surfing has never been easier! You can search for your username and see the latest thumbnails of your photostream. With a simple click you can watch the public photos in fullscreen.

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Hide Pictures Keep Safe Vault free download for BlackBerry Priv, APK for BlackBerry Priv

You can also navigate between the pictures in fullscreen mode. Of course, you can also browse public photostreams of other Flickr user if you search for their username. Need to add some words or draw stuffs on your photos? Try this free and easy-to-use photo editor to express and elaborate more on your images. Search pictures by username or by tags and navigate through them in a beautiful and simple interface. Ever felt your inspiration was escaping you?

Hide pictures, videos, contacts and SMS on your phone

Ever needed something to bring you back to creativity? Sometimes all we need is a little reminder of what can be done. Enter ShotSpire! This free application taps into an online sharing site full of people showing off what they are currently working on called Dribbble TM. Jus turn on your device and give ShotSpire a go and you can get all the new and old projects others are working on to give you a good push to get your brain into gear.

Best of all its free! You can browse the albums by the categories, and view each album in a photo gallery.

Have checked out the Playbook. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Photo Presenter. NFB Films. Revista Foto DNG. Flickr Photo Frame. Photo Note. Simply choose a photo from your gallery and start sketching! It also offers a decent balance of functionality in the free version with optional extras in paid-for plugins.

An automatic update from the developer borked the app for many users, rendering their encrypted files inaccessible. The fault was corrected in a rushed patch but it still demonstrates that should this happen again your protected photos and files might not always be recoverable. In summary, not all apps are created equal and two apps that appear to offer the same service might in fact give very different levels of functionality.

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After all, they promised the unsuspecting user that they would protect those secrets. It would be better if the descriptions of these Android apps properly reflected what each app does and does not do. At least then users can make an informed choice about how much they wish to trust the app, and whether it is sufficient for the intended purpose. And, of course, my advice echos those who have gone before me — there is really no situation where you absolutely have to store on your phone naked photographs of yourself.

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  • Just spitballing here, and it would likely take a rooted device, but wouldn't the easiest approach be something like this:. Give the app a unique permission group of its own 2. Create a directory with permissions restricted to only that group 3.

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    Have the app move files into that folder and turn the app into the app that displays those files. Put a PIN on launch. Resetting permission or adding another app to the permission group should take root access anyway, so it should be relatively safe. If you're so worried about files on your phone that you feel encryption is needed, either:.

    Use Android 4. Use a BlackBerry, which offers the same feature. Stop storing sensitive files on a device that wasn't meant to store sensitive files 4. Get used to the idea of your sensitive files getting read. Hi Matt, Thanks for your comments. It also doesn't account for someone using your phone with your permission.

    You've hit the nail on the head in that many IT devices and services are used for purposes they were never intended for, but it's inevitable that people will do what they can, not what they should. Hi Darren, Sorry but I've not tested any iPhone apps yet. If you'd like to send me an iPhone 5 I'd be happy to take a look and get back to you…. My E71 can encrypt the data on the phone and the memory card, with a user selectable encryption key, I assume it encrypts the messages too.

    Hi Skinnelli, thanks for your comment.

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    Many people still don't use a device lock and when they're offered a tool that means they only need to enter a PIN for their secrets then they are even less likely to lock the handset as they mistakenly trust that their secrets are protected. Ideally I'd like to see full device encryption and device lock enabled by default, or that people stop putting sensitive material on insecure devices. Vaulty don't encrypt files.

    It's just removes file information. Software like VLC has no problems decoding video files. Have you come across a reliable or any privacy app that stores the encrypted items in the external SD instead of hogging up the memory of the phone itself? And since its gonna be on an External Drive it really needs to be encrypted and not just renamed and "hidden" in a dodgy folder.

    Who can encrypt these photos?? I mean if my phone gets stolen or something, can someone else see them?? DONT trust any of these apps whatsoever,i used a so called trustworty one,these private pics are now trending on a Nigerian pornsite causing extreme embarresment and worry to the young lady concerned,the girl concerned is West African and it was her cousin in France who actually informed her and sent her the pics she originally sent me that had been hacked of the so called safe picture apps,SO BEWARE.

    Good developers for users. Just look for any app with TWO characteristics: Roughly speaking, the union of these 2 simple demands is quite rare. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Skip to content. XG Firewall.

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