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The numbered keys used are "1", "4", and "7" for green notes, "2", "5", and "8" for red notes, and "3", "6", and "9" for yellow notes.

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Once the note s reach the bottom, the player must play the note s by pressing or holding down the number key s in order to score points similar to using the controller on the console versions instead of a guitar. There are no multiplayer modes in the game. Guitar Hero Backstage Pass adds in role-playing video game elements to the core rhythm game; players not only play gigs as with Guitar Hero III Mobile but also must manage their band from near-poverty to stardom by creating marketing buzz about their band to virtual fans, manage their band, and plan out their performances at venues.

Successfully completing these tasks helps the player to earn more money from their performances and to unlock new guitars and equipment that can be used by the band to further improve their performance. In alignment with the expansion of the console series to include drums and vocal parts in Guitar Hero World Tour , Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile adds in the option to play the drum track for all of the included songs in addition to lead guitar.

While drums are played similarly to guitar, the game also includes the bass drum kick, marked as a horizontal line across the on-screen fretboard, requiring the player to hit a button on the phone's keypad below the row they are using for normal drum hits.


The game, when played on advanced phones that recognize simultaneous keypresses, support the playing of chords on guitar or simultaneous drum hits. Legends of Rock ; a player may be able to collect power-ups that can be triggered in the same manner as Star Power to affect their opponent's ability to play for a brief period of time. Legends of Rock with additional expansion packs released every month.

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Song quality and format varies by phone type. However, only the first two minutes of each song are available to play. As with Guitar Hero III for consoles, the mobile version presents songs separated into three tiers, each with four songs that must be completed before the fifth encore song can be performed. Successfully completing the encore allows the player to unlock the next tier of songs and play them in Quickplay mode. Each month since January , a three-song pack has been released as additional content for the game.

Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile includes 15 songs with the core game; one or more new songs are released each month.

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Guitar Hero 5 Mobile includes 20 songs, stored as MIDI files in the game, though players can download MP3 -quality versions via their mobile's data network prior to playing. IGN considered it to be a "successful adaptation" of the Guitar Hero games to the cellphone keypad.

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They commented that while it may be tricky to download the songs for the game, requiring the user to be persistent during the download, the sound quality was excellent and the simplification down to three buttons from five makes the game "accessible to anybody with even a passing curiosity. They considered the shortened song length a negligible downside compared to the overall package.

Guitar Hero Backstage Pass was also praised for the addition of role-playing elements and smaller minigames to bring the series in line with other mobile phone games. Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile has also received similar praise to its predecessors. Both CNet and IGN commented on the improvement in sound quality for both low- and high-end phones, with songs being "instantly recognizable" on low-phones, but noted that this quality came with the tradeoff of a larger memory footprint and slow downloads of songs through the cellular networks.

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Guitar Hero 5 was seen by Pocket Gamer UK to be yet another iteration of the series on mobile platforms, though the game still stands on its own given the numerous other music-based games for mobile phones. They praised the ability to use higher-quality versions of the songs though still allowing those with limited data plans to enjoy the game with the MIDI versions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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See also: Common gameplay elements in the Guitar Hero series. Cell Play. Future US: January Robinson Technologies. Retrieved Pocket Gamer. Hands-On Mobile. There are a few to choose from in the store at the moment, but you can get Guitar Hero to scan your iPod library and let you know when one of your favorites becomes available to download and play in the game. Guitar Hero boasts a strong community section, where you can lay down challenges on Facebook and see how you rank in the online leaderboards.

Guitar Hero is a polished iPhone game that's great fun to play. You'll quickly get bored of playing the small selection of songs in the game, though. Unlike the console Guitar Hero game, of course, this version doesn't include any View full description. Softonic review Guitar Hero is an iPhone remake of the head-banging console classic.

Minecraft - Pocket Edition Experience the mining, creating and surviving game in your pocket. Grand Theft Auto: Download Guitar Hero 1.

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