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The Mozilla browser comes to the small screen

Instead of displaying tabs underneath the address bar like in normal Firefox, this version stores all your tabs in a hidden area on the left, which again, can be opened by dragging your finger across the screen - this time to the left. This is another way in which the program optimizes screen space without sacrificing functionality. There are other features on the horizon that haven't been wholly integrated into the Fennec alpha yet, such as quick dial for phone numbers on Web pages, and more work will be done to support maps and GPS tools.

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In fact, the sky is the limit really in terms of features if enough developers get excited about Firefox Mobile. For now though, Fennec is a very crude version of Firefox Mobile, which is rife with display errors, bugs and feels very much incomplete.

Como Descargar e Instalar Mozilla Firefox Para Windows 7, Vista o XP gratis

This browser support all features about Html5. I have down loaded and tried in my gigabyte gsmart S phone but install fails and I was not been able to run the progra m so far. What do you think about Firefox Mobile?

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Do you recommend it? Instantly, you'll see that this isn't merely a port of the desktop version of Firefox but rather View full description. Facebook Access the social networking site on your Pocket PC. Opera Alternative web browser for your Pocket PC. Download Firefox Mobile Fennec Alpha 2 1. Free Download for Pocket PC. User reviews about Firefox Mobile.

'Firefox Mobile' alpha hits Windows Mobile 6

More reviewed on April 2, More reviewed on March 10, Opera Mobile is one of the most cooked-in browsers by chefs here at XDA, and for good reason. The browser is sleek and very attractive, featuring silk-smooth tab switching and integrated Google searching. The interface is very polished, making surfing a very nice experience. However, all this digital sexiness comes at the cost of performance. Powerhouse devices such as the HD2 should have no problem with this, but having many tabs or other apps open while using this browser causes a noticeable speed decrease on my Touch Pro, albeit quite a small one.

Loading XDA was a similar story, with the page ready for me to browse around after 55 seconds. My opinion on Opera Mini is essentially the same, as the only difference between the two apps is that for Opera Mini, the browser connects to a server to request a webpage rather than going directly from the phone.

May I get a Firefox version also for my Windows Mobile 6 ?

However, I was actually quite pleasantly surprised with my first impressions. Despite garishly retro looks and a possibly too simplistic interface, the browser was smooth and felt very fast — this was backed up by a one minute eight second loading time for Rotten Tomatoes and a blistering 28 seconds for XDA. Unfortunately, zooming left a little to be desired — no slider like Internet Explorer or double-tap like Opera Mobile.

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  • To fulfill my own curiosity I also tried Facebook on Dorothy. Despite the consistently fast page loading, some features, such as remembering usernames and passwords, were sorely missed. It also emphasised how much I rely on the zoom-tapping habit garnered from Opera. The app itself has some great ideas — drag the screen to the right to see an open tabs bar, left for normal function buttons — but it seemed to me to be so slow and buggy that it was barely useable.

    This means flash, music and video streaming and no site restrictions despite being on a mobile device. Once buffered, videos played instantaneously — something that sounds obvious but was lacking in other browsers. Audio was in sync and a relatively high framerate was maintained throughout. Loading XDA-Developers took a mere 22 seconds and Rotten Tomatoes 57, making Skyfire a definite contender for the title of the fastest page-loading browser around. Opera has clearly had a lot of work put into it: Internet Explorer Mobile is surprisingly slow for such a basic application, and although Dorothy shows very promising speeds, its interface is to me at least quite poor.

    Fennec is nowhere near ready for use as a default browser, and due to the imminent launch of Windows Phone 7 devices, it likely never will be. However, Skyfire is a very strong all-rounder. It was Superman-on-speed quick when it came to navigating and, like Opera, came with a plethora of useful features. The plugin support on the browser is so well implemented that it warrants the app a look by itself: So, my conclusion is that those looking for a bit of polish and something to show off to their friends should look into Opera Mobile.

    As for IEM, well, you never really thought that would win, did you? Skyfire, despite having a reasonably dull style, is so surprisingly useful and fast that it has to be my pick as the best browser of the ones I tested. It really does bring the whole web to your hands and is definitely worth giving a go. You can find it here.

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