Can i download music from someone elses itunes account to my iphone

Rampant piracy.

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All 20 friends need to each purchase their own copy of the album. You can have as many iPods as you like synced to a single computer.

How To Get Apple Music for Free!

You cannot sync an iPod with more than one computer, except in "manual sync" mode -- but the limitation still stands: Don't shoot the messenger -- this is not my point of view; rather a statement of fact. Blame the RIAA, blame Obama, blame corporate hell, blame whomever you want -- the law stands as it does, though. There are programs out there that will allow you to copy music from an iPod to a computer outside of iTunes, such as Senuti and others found with super-simple Google searches. I do not know if they work with iPhones as well, but I would suspect so.

These are very handy when you have a complete and total crash of the computer and lose everything, but still have your iPod around -- so you can get back on your computer what was once there at some point in time Scoops98 Registered Oct 9, ElDiabloConCaca said: Scoops98 said: Feel a little strongly about this, do you? GolaYing Registered Mar 15, Computer to iPod, and that's to say ,you could only sync music from iTunes to your iPod but your are ubable to transfer video or audio files from iPod iPhone to PC directly unless you have this a transfer tool.

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Actually you can transfer songs from iPhone to iPhone directly. Katchdun Registered Jun 27, Backup your data. Here is a knowledge base article from Apple on using iTunes File Sharing to access data within apps.

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That way, if other more automated ways fail, you could always install this database on your new iPhone. Transfer all your data from old to new iPhone with iPhone transfer. You might not want to do this, but it is the easiest way to get all your data on your new iPhone, with iPhone transfer, i used it for one month, it just works but not good. To learn more: Be sure to let the backup transfer before you shut off the old iPhone. Then install our app on your new iPhone.

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  6. If it was a fresh install and iCloud is on, then our app will prompt whether you want to restore from iCloud. These are the three methods I collect, Hope to help you and others. Nized Registered Dec 25, Katchdun said: However, when I try to move them to my i-phone, they turn to a light grey color and will not play on my phone.

    How to Put Songs on iTunes From Someone Else's iPod

    They also have a circle with dots in front of the song. If you have a copy of music that your friend has paid for in your iTunes, then that's known as stealing. The music industry get very upset about people doing that. Who made you God. My question has to do with sharing. Thought that was a function of itunes. Sharng works when your appleID is logged on each of your devices you intend to share the music on. There is no sharing between people with different appleid's.

    What you are trying to do is not clever, it is stealing. Feb 21, 1: How to get music from someone else's itunes library onto your More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: How to get music from someone else's itunes library onto your How to get music from someone else's itunes library onto your.

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