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To be honest, I never was.

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It's fairly bulky and has two tiny displays. Despite my hatred for the DS, Nintendo still delivered in the game department.

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In today's softModder guide, I'm going to show you how to get these and other DS games on your Samsung Galaxy S3 or other Android device so you can play them anytime you want—without the bulk. Nds4droid is free and still allows you to save games, a feature that almost always comes at a cost. Now, as with any other console emulator, nds4droid does not come with any preloaded games. That means you've got to convert your own DS games or find ROMs online that have already been converted.

Make sure the ROM is an.

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Yep, that's right. Thanks to Lucas Menge, you can now play Super What's the point of having a p screen if you're not using it to get in some quality gaming time? Google Play is great for downloading games, but you probably already have an extensive library of games for your consoles, so use those!

Drastic r2.2.1.2 BETA (DS Emulator) Mario Kart DS on Samsung Galaxy S4

Emulators are a dime a dozen, but Retr A mustachioed Italian plumber collects coins and battles bullets, plants, fish, mushrooms, and turtles in strange environments to save a princess held captive by a crazy, spiked-shell, bipedal tortoise. It's insane to think that Mario saved the video game industry—but he did. Usually, the only solution is to jailbreak your iPad or iPhone, but that's something most avoid because it will void the warranty and may cause potential bricking issues. In some Google Play has no shortage of Nintendo emulators: Game Boy Color My Boy! Those are just a few of what's available out there.

The only problem with This past year was a big one for WonderHowTo. Our biggest yet.

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In our writers, curators, and community members helped over million people learn over million new things. Mobile gaming used to mean Game Boy, PSP, Nintendo DS — another device to carry around that usually couldn't replicate the experience of a home console. Going to bump this topic How does it run now in it's current state?

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  • Any good on the S4? I have a DS, I'm just curious.

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    May 12, Bumping here too. Has there been any nds emu's out there that supports quadcores? Cause i just tried nintendogs on nds4droid, but i got like fps. Cause the free ppsspp emu that plays psp games quite well.

    Chary is a Patron of GBAtemp and is helping us stay independent! Oct 2, For some reason, thinking about Nintendogs running at 2fps makes me laugh hilariously. Apr 1, DraStic is the best nds emulator so far. Dec 21, Latest update fixed alot too. HAvent crashed in a Pokemon Game in hours.

    Can I play DS games on a smartphone?

    Jan 2, Do the android ds emulators also allow dsi roms? Sep 20, Engine Room with Cyan, watching him learn. Jul 12, Show Ignored Content. Similar threads with keywords: Best Android Emulators Rioluwott , Dec 12, , in forum: