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Here Not Storing Maps on SD Card

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android - Change offline maps directory to SD. HERE-Maps SDK - Stack Overflow

Apr May My Devices: Senior Member. Mar Nov Aug OnePlus 2 , OnePlus 3. I'd like to retrieve them as well. Its most probably on my sd card since I chose that option but can't manage to find them.. Many thanks!! Subscribe to Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2.

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Windows 10 Mobile Installer! Version 1. Windows Phone 8 Development and Hacking. Sunny Cornwall. I'm on a 6. Works fine for me. Yes there was some confusion on this. Under 6. I selected North and Central America and this resulted in Alexpa Lurker. Jun 1, 1 0 5 Male. I spent some time experimenting with Here and finally gave up. I have a GB SD card and downloaded all the maps. When you do that the top index is inserted wit the name World. I tried running on different contents when offline and had no problem.

Sygic 17.4.18 FULL ❯❯❯ 🛰️ GPS Navigation + World Maps 2018.06 UPDATE

I ended the session and tried again. It entered an infinite loop with the Here screen displayed. Investigating I found that ES Pro would process properties and X-plore would enter into an infinite loop processing the map folder.

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I uninstalled Here and copied other data off the SD card and reformatted it. I installed Here and reloaded all the maps again and processed with no problem.

I closed the application and loaded it again and it dropped into an infinite loop. Investigating I found that ES Pro would process properties request up to X-plore would just sit there churning away and report no progress. I will never download another Here map. If I was allowed to guess I uninstalled Here and copied other data off the SD card, reformatted it, and copied all the other data back onto it. I use a couple of off-line satnav apps, and they can both use the SD no problem for map data.

Nokia Here maps not storing maps on external SD card

Autonavi and Amap. So I think the problem is definitely here with Here. In fact I had another look at Here this morning, the whole city is missing, including all the bridges, they're just not here. It has Hong Kong, but the edge of the world is at Lo Wu. Jun 2, KOLIO likes this.

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I still can't get Here to store my maps on the SD card even though that is the selected option. Has anyone else been able to make this work? Grrrrrrrrr Member. Feb 3, 40 7 My device put everything on internal storage even though "place new apps on sdcard" was selected until