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Rather than aiming for innovation or introducing revolutionary new ideas, Dungeon Hunter 2 delivers familiar fun. But while it's undeniably at the top of the genre, a few missing features and a general lack of polish hold it back from greatness. The cliche story of a kingdom that has fallen into darkness kicks off your quest to reclaim the throne and restore peace to the land. Naturally, this involves a lot of butt-kicking, and through the course of the campaign you battle a variety of creatures including animated skeletons, humongous spiders, elemental jellies, and evil cultists.

Review: Dungeon Hunter 2 HD for iPad

There's equal diversity in the environments - a suitably dank swamp, snow-swept mountainside, a red sand desert, haunted forests, and a sprawling castle. While the graphics aren't always astounding - character close-ups during cut-scenes are downright hideous - the environments are vividly rendered and packed with detail. Exploring the land of Gothicus is fun for the sake of curiosity, as much as it's necessary to drive the story forward.

There are minor issues that prevent you from exploring in a completely carefree way, such as annoying environmental hangs-ups that glue you to objects and barrels that refuse to break open despite repeated attacks.

Things function more smoothly when it comes to character development, where you're able to outfit your hero with equipment, enhance core attributes by assigning points when levelling up, and unlock skills specific to each of nine classes. You start the game by selecting from three available character classes: Warrior, Rogue, and Mage. Upon reaching level 12, you then access two specialisations unique to each class: Since there are more abilities than points to be earned, you're forced to develop your character with a general strategy in mind. The type of equipment available to you is based on your chosen class, too, requiring you to constantly sift through loot picked up from defeated enemies and treasure chests to find the best weapons and armour.

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Equipment is stat-based, not class-based. While you can equip weapons and armour with high enough stats, it's tough to access all equipment with a single character.

Dungeon Hunter 2 - Level 100 death walker in action + Online Multiplayer Co-Op

Between managing your equipment and developing your character's skills and attributes, Dungeon Hunter 2 provides enough depth to keep your busy. Still, more could be done to broaden customisation and bring even greater depth.

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  • For instance, instead of randomly assigning bonuses to weapons and armour, an item crafting or enchantment system could allow you to customise your equipment. The introduction of cooperative multiplayer - both local and online via Game Center and Gameloft Live! Better yet, the skills have been revamped to be not so generic.

    Let's face it, the first one made it hard to look forward to becoming a high-level mage just so you can do damage with a firebolt instead of an electricity bolt. Now, you'll have plenty of cool skills and abilities.

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    • Another major improvement is with the interface itself. It hasn't changed drastically -- you still have an on-screen movement pad and a set of buttons for abilities -- but the whole interface seems a bit smoother.

      iPad Games: Dungeon Hunter 2 Review

      The movement pad is especially improved, making it easier to navigate the game. What the sequel has done is make it the best hack-n-slash in the app store. Check out all of Dungeon Hunter II's class skills. Share Pin Email. Daniel Nations has been a tech journalist since