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Top 5 Free Windows Apps You Should Be Using! (2017)

The best Windows 10 calendar apps come with extra features, are highly customizable, and offer various view options. Some of these apps are available on Windows PC as well as on mobile devices, giving you all the flexibility you need in and out of office. In this article, we will discuss the best calendar apps for Windows 10 that give you excellent feature packed tools.

Outlook mail and calendar apps for Windows 10 mobile now supports linked inboxes. This calendar software will impress you with its intuitive interface. You will find the most important features you need in a calendar on the left side of the calendar. You can access the calendar, tasks or events without problems. You can also choose the priority level of your tasks in order to simplify your decision-making process, especially during the work.

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This calendar allows you to invite others to join your events and to manage their acceptance. You also can add documents and files to your meeting events. One Calendar is a smartly dressed calendar option that lets you pull all your calendars under one roof.

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  • The 5 best 10 calendar apps for Windows 10.

Available for Windows 10 mobile and PC, One Calendar is highly customizable and comes with a ton of attractive features. One Calendar allows you to add, delete, and update appointments with the day, week, month and years.

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Some of its most attractive features include lock screen, customizable support, live tile, semantic zoom, calendar themes, and an easy search that allows you to quickly search all your appointments. Get One Calendar from Windows Store.

Get My Calendar - Microsoft Store

Available for both Windows 10 mobile and PC, Hope calendar is simple, yet loaded with a host of features for all your business needs. However, if you prefer not to view some calendars from the Hope calendar, you can filter them out in the Hope calendar settings. The design is beautiful and minimalist. There is a Heat Map feature that shows you when you are free and when you are busy while the beautiful large tiles show up to five appointments. And since Hope calendar is a long term project, we expect to see more improvements and additions to the calendar in the near future.

Get Hope Calendar from Windows Store. My calendar is one of the best calendar apps for Windows The app is highly customizable and comes with a ton of useful features. It comes with many customizable options for calendar views, which enables you to easily switch between calendar views to see different days in different views. In addition, it comes with several beautifully designed live tiles to choose from. My Calendar app comes in two versions; free and paid.

The free version is ad-supported and comes with great features. The pro version is ad-free and comes with additional features such as task management, enhanced internal birthday calendar, and enhanced calendar views. You can try the Pro pack for free for 5 days after app installation. All in all, My Calendar is a great calendar option for Windows Get My Calendar from Windows Store. The app is feature rich and offers synchronization between all your calendar accounts.

You can even customize the calendar appearance to match your style. It has a series of benefits to suit different people.

Mail, Calendar for Windows 10

For example, there is a pronunciation button, which is handy for understanding how a name should be said, and is especially good if you are receiving medical news. It is a productivity app at its core , and it does help speed up your emailing and organizing process. Aside from the typical Outlook. You are able to save your messages in numerous forms, which includes in.

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The Microsoft mail and calendar app allows you to communicate with websites and people, and works for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Holographic. Interface and usability. The app offers you an easy way to schedule your day, week and month. The mail function has a series of touch gestures installed that allow you to read, sort and archive your mail both quickly and conveniently. It is still easier to use than the Gmail app, and people have responded well to its simple swipe mechanisms.

Usability has been improved over the previous version with regards to writing emails. You may now do it a little quicker thanks to the better predictive function that uses what you have already written to guess what you will write next. The navigation bar makes toggling options more convenient, and the app allows you to switch seamlessly between both your email and calendar functions.

It is an improvement over previous versions, though it is a shame it only works for Windows If you are a business user, or a person that receives a lot of emails, then this app is perfect for you because it allows you to organize your schedule within the same environment and user interface. The search function doesn't always work correctly, which can be annoying.

The GUI is very easy to understand if you are already an Outlook user and many of the functions feel intuitive if you are already accustomed with Microsoft software. One small problem is that if you read an email on your app, it may still show as unread if you use a browser. It is a small problem, but can become annoying. The folders function is very good, although sometimes a little difficult to manage. Sometimes the app is unable to synchronize and receive an error code, which can become frustrating.

Otherwise, it is far superior to most other email and organizer apps. If you have an appropriate email account, it is worth downloading and trying this app. What do you think about Mail, Calendar for Windows 10?

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