Brain games for samsung galaxy

Ready to play fun and free brain games that challenge you? Download Lumosity today. We take common cognitive and neuropsychological tasks, or design entirely new, experimental challenges. Working with experienced designers, they transform these tasks into fun games that challenge core cognitive skills. We give qualified researchers free access to Lumosity training and tools — helping them investigate new areas in cognition. As we learn more about the possibilities of brain training, we invite you to train with us, and join us in our mission to advance the understanding of human cognition.

17 Best Free Brain Training Games for Android

To access the app in one of our languages, change your device setting to the desired language. English is the default language for devices not set to one of our supported languages. Reviews Review Policy. Hey there, brain trainers! View details. You have to guide the water through several obstacles which make things challenging.

The game has an original story, around puzzles and several characters to choose from. Try out all the games available in this series.

17 Best Free Brain Training Games for Android

This is probably our favorite game in this list, featuring puzzles that require you to use a lot of brain power. Abstract objects are placed under a spotlight and a shadow is formed on the wall. You will have to move the objects around in such a way, that a recognizable shadow is cast on the wall. There are many silhouettes to find in this game, and that will keep you coming back for more.

The Battle of Polytopia

The game is also very relaxing to play and includes several environments and music. Two dots is a fun game about connecting dots.

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This is a puzzle game, which requires a lot of concentration to complete the included levels. All you have to do is connect two or more dots of the same color to form a line or a square. The game features a minimalist design and soothing music. There is no countdown timer, so you can take your own time to finish the levels. In this game, you will play as a silent princess who has to pass through crazy architecture and monuments that are set in a beautiful environment. There are hidden paths that you must uncover and many optical illusions on the way.

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You also have to outsmart the Crow People and not be seen. This game, again, requires logic and reasoning to play and we believe you will have a great time playing both the parts. Yes, there are two games to download. Prune is a very interesting game and it involves trees. Your job is to grow a tree by simply swiping on the screen. You will need to avoid all the obstacles and dangers in between though.

Guide the tree through these dangers and into the sunlight. The meditative music and artwork will help you get into the zone.

10 best brain games for Android that you must play

Test your knowledge of cricket with this fun and free Champion Cricket Quiz App. Math Game for Smart Kids 2.

Brain Genius Deluxe 1. Big Web Quiz for Chromecast 1. Solitaire - Patience Card Game 2. Color Switch 3.

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Bible Quiz 3D - Religious Game 1. QuizUp 2. Cricket Quiz Fever 1. Sudoku 1.